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It is not from lack of trying. It just does not do it for me.

Can someone please explain it to me? Jasmine from Alladin, for example, 8muses latest responsible for inspiring my first erection that I can recall. She was sexy, sure, but in a way that made me imagine what she would look like in real life. That, for me, was where the attraction stemmed from. No, porn, for me, is appealing because it is able to bring me closer to realistic fantasies. But watching cartoon or obviously, CGI-generated characters participating in exaggerated, impossible sex acts is just too far from the realm of possibility to get my dick to even twitch with interest at the sight.

That being said, plenty of pornophiles all over the world do seem to thoroughly enjoy this kind of content.

So much so that there are hundreds upon hundreds of porn sites dedicated solely to the genre of comic book, cartoon, or hentai porn. And, on top of that, most of the more traditional porn tube sites also feature after of this type of content if you go looking for it.

So, if beating your meat to comic book titties is your thing, by all means, have at it. And, luckily for you, there is no shortage of available outlets to help you do so. One of those outlets is known as 8Muses. Dedicated to all things illustrated porn, 8 Muses combines original adult comics, porn spoofs of your favorite cartoons, hentai, manga, CGI porn, and faked celebrity nudes in order to offer you an enormous database of illustrated pornography. With 8muses. From the moment you arrive at the home of 8muses, it is hard not 8muses latest notice how clean and well-deed the site is.

It is a very clear and easy to navigate layout, simple and elegant. You have a dark blue background, gray text, and a gallery of thumbnails to click through, after .

The thumbnails are all of different comic book authors or illustrators, and they are sorted by most viewed by default. You can, however, easily toggle through to have the site sort the thumbnails by likes, date added, or alphabetically if you prefer. To the left of the thumbnails, you have a clear and straightforward menu to help you navigate the site. I was immediately intrigued by the fake celebrity sex pictures section, so I decided to check that out first. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

They were all very realistic looking and well done. I could definitely see myself returning to 8muses for these at some point in the future. Beyond that, I think all of the tabs on the menu 8muses latest sort of speak for themselves.

One feature of the site that I am happy to see is the 8Muses forum section. Not only is it great when sites offer a space for their members to engage in a community capacity, but it is even better when these communities in question are active and their members are regularly engaged. In addition to those two sections, the forum also included places for its members to discuss and share 3D art and comics, Hentai and Asian style comics, Pictures where users caption images of real peoplerequests, general discussion, and a problems, suggestions, and questions section for the site moderators to check in on.

Another win for 8muses. Wait for it … drum roll, please … the site is completely ad-free! It is super rare. But, of course, the way that it should be. So, I would like to give 8 Muses a great big round of applause for having a little integrity and refusing to annoy and pander to its users for a quick buck. This is a 8muses latest plus for the site especially in combination with the fact that they have great taste in what sites they link to….

Is there anything that I think 8muses could improve upon? 8muses latest … The only thing that really comes to mind would be to enable some sort of commenting system. Maybe even on a -by- basis. A download option, too, would be nice. All in all, there was more for me to enjoy on this site than I initially thought there would be. Well-deed, easy to navigate, simple to use, an active and engaged community of members with an excellent forum, no .

Fap on, you crazy cartoon fuckers, fap on. Another Big Win for 8muses… Another win for 8muses. Areas for Improvement Is there anything that I think 8muses could improve upon? XlecX XcartX.

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