Beauty and the beast walkthrough

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General Information This game can be played in three difficulty modes:. To play the game you need to explore various scenes to find items and solve puzzles. You can find out what to do in any given scene by scanning the scene with your cursor. In the bottom right of the screen is your journal. The journal will appear as a closed book if you have read all the current entries.

Whenever you interact with an object that gives you important information, the journal will sparkle and open, and a quill will write the new information in your journal. It is essential to read the journal regularly as sometimes you will not actually see the information that goes into the journal. The journal also contains a world map. The map will tell you where you are right now with a yellow X. It also shows red exclamation marks in the locations where there currently are objectives you can complete. The third section of the journal is the strategy guide. The strategy guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to complete certain objectives.

At the bottom of the screen is the inventory.

Any item that can be picked up will go into the inventory for later use. To use these items, simply click on them to pick them up and then click on the interactive area of the scene that you want to use the item on.

Objectives that can be completed in the current scene will be circled when you click the mirror. The mirror will break and will have to be refilled before you can use it again. If there is nothing to do in the current scene, the mirror will not break and you will be told to check the world map for locations with active objectives.

In the top right corner of each puzzle is a button with a question mark. Click this button to get an explanation on how to complete the puzzle. In each hidden object scene is one item you need to find in order to continue with your quest. This object is always the same in each game.

However, you need to find all the other items on the list before the required item will go into your inventory. In easy and normal modes you can help finding the items on the list by putting your cursor on the name of the item in the list. A silhouette of the item will appear in the hints mirror in the bottom right of the screen. If you are completely stuck you can click the hints mirror and the general area on the screen where one of the unfound objects can be found will be circled. The hints mirror will need to be refilled before you can use it again.

You can leave any puzzle or hidden object scene and come back to it later. Hidden object scenes will remember your progress when you return, but puzzles will be reset and you will need to start again.

The walkthrough provides a screen shot of each new scene you get to. The screen shot will show all interactive areas in that scene, including the ones you can only interact with at a later time.

Items you can pick up for the inventory are mentioned in CAPITALS at the time you can find and collect them and again when they are to be used in the scene. Subscribe to GameZebo. Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast Walkthrough by.

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Beauty and the beast walkthrough

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Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast Walkthrough