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Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals. Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. Like fek's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! Heyooooooo So the webserver I've been using to host Rack and Bedplay characters has been acting a little sluggish lately.

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All of the old URLs will continue to work just fine. The current host is paid through next August, and I will not be removing any content from those servers. They might be slow, but they will not disappear on you.

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However, if you're feeling impatient, you are very welcome to try out the new servers when loading in custom characters for Rack or Bedplay. For Rack, you can use custom character URLs to add characters to the game. You just click "Add a custom character" while the character menu is open, then enter the URL of a custom character! Pretty much! There's a character select menu, and one of the options lets you enter bedplay custom URL you like. PinkMew Lurker Beast link. So it was you who got to furry.

I'd be angry, but that's a pretty good use for them, so good job. Totally grabbed it like a week and a half ago!

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I almost passed on it, but it was too good to miss out on. PinkMew Lurker Beast link parent. What I was talking happened like a year ago. Nevermind then, make good use out of it XD. BlazeRedPanda Watcher link. What exactly do you have planned for bedplay, Mr. Necrontyr link. UnicornStalkRYT link. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.

Bedplay custom

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