Breeding season 6.5.1 debug codes

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Quite a bit of time has passed since we last looked at what the Breeding Season team has cooked up for its fans. Going back to mid-August of this year, we will take a look at all of the new content additions, revamps and more. On August 15th, the official Breeding Season development blog was updated with a big sample of monster head variants that was added in the alpha build marked 6.

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Some time later, on August 22nd, the 6. This update was rather huge in scope adding new monster types, including, but not limited to, seraphs, mandrakes and fluffdragons. Other updates for 6. Additions — New Patron-requested monster types have been added! Update 6. New visuals have been included for the demon, stallion, male and female elves, and harpies also without color and skin variations. Two weeks later, Breeding Season received another minor 6. Just as the 6. While the last two September blog updates did not yield new game versions, the devs have been constantly giving fans the he up on new art additions and animations they have been working on.

Here are some samples of special zombies for a Breeding Season Halloween event and some artwork of NPCs you can encounter at various places around the farm. One important addition the devs have teased in an upcoming update is a new system adding color patterns to the monsters on the farm. The new coloring system allows to change color patterns on monsters. A few new monsters and monster redes have also been introduced. The new build will see monsters gain more happiness as they breed with their favorite monster types. All monsters will also be able to develop new preferences over time. The other big thing about version 6.

Once again, here is the full addition log for your reading breeding season 6.5.1 debug codes. An idle animation takes less of course but fixing it adds another two or three days depending on complexity of error. Not to mention if something breaks when implemented in the game. Despite the s shown on Patreon, we are not exactly swimming in money. Thank you for reporting the bugs! The next Alpha Build 6. While the wiki is currently in very early stages of development, the devs have also said that a proper Breeding Seasons web and forums are taking a long time to create.

When both finally launch, the creators want them to be parts of a central hub for fans to discuss the game. Before the last build ed 6. The current build available to Patrons, marked with the satanic 6. The quest itself includes a puzzle, as well as a new sex scene to discover. New futas like the futa demoness, futa mare and futa titwolf have also been added. Start by visiting town a few times in October.

The public Alpha Build 6. If you support the game on Patreonyou probably already have access to the exclusive 6.

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