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We don't have a crystal ball, but we do have the Credit Score Simulator. There are lots of reasons your scores could change and the Credit Score Simulator can help you explore some of them. Learn more. Up or Log In. Applying for credit will usually add a hard inquiry to your credit report. But if you're denied, the inquiry will be the only new item on your report.

See how a hard inquiry from around a year ago might affect your score now. We'll show you what your score might have been if your ly reported late payments had been on time.

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Choose how many months you'd like us to go back. If you have a civil judgment against you, a judge could rule that a certain portion of your paycheck will automatically be taken to pay off your debts. See what might happen if a wage garnishment order is included on your report. If you fall behind on your mortgage payments, your lender may attempt to force the sale of your home to make up for the financial losses. See what might happen if a foreclosure is included on your report. If you fall behind on one of your debts, your original lender could pass that debt to a collection agency.

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See what might happen if an in collections is reported to a credit bureau. The Credit Score Simulator is an educational tool. Explore, adjust and ponder, but just remember these are estimated outcomes and not predictions. The Credit Score Simulator starts with the information in your current TransUnion credit report and explores how changing that information could affect your score. Simulating these changes won't actually affect your score or report.

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The Credit Score Simulator can help you dig into some of your credit "What Ifs," but it's not meant to predict or guarantee any future score changes. When you use credit card simulator game Credit Score Simulator, you'll notice that you can only change one scenario at a time. But in real life, your score is usually affected by several credit report changes at once. Keep in mind that scores change in different ways based on what scoring model is being used. We know that in the real world, more than one change can happen to your finances at a time.

The benefit of the Credit Score Simulator is that it shows you an estimate of how much impact one particular action could have on your credit health. So, when your score changes in the future, you might have a better idea of which particular actions are causing that change. The short answer: It depends on your situation. Effects from a missed payment, for example, will generally take longer to wear off than those from a hard inquiry.

In the real world, you usually also have more than one change on your report at a time. So even if the effects of one change wear off, another may still affect your score. How it works. Help center.

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Log in. Credit Cards Shop Credit Cards. Balance Transfer Cards. Reward Cards. Travel Cards. Cash Back Cards. Business Cards. Cards for Bad Credit. Cards for Fair Credit. Secured Cards. Search Credit Cards. Loans Personal Loans.

Home Loans. Auto Loans. Auto Refinance My Loan. Get a New Loan. Auto Insurance. Home Buy a Home. Refinance My Loan. Home Insurance. Real Estate Agents. Resources Identity Monitoring. Unclaimed Money. Mobile App. in Register. Up or Log In Sample Score. What might happen if I get a new loan? How much do you want? Credit Score Simulator only works if you're ed in to your Credit Karma.

What might happen if I add a new credit card? Enter a Credit Limit.

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What might happen if I transfer balances to a new card? How much do you want to transfer? What might happen if I close my oldest card? Creditor Name 10 years, 4 months old. What might happen if my credit application were denied? What might happen if I increase credit limit? By how much do you want to increase your credit limit? What might happen if I increase or decrease balances?

New Total Balance. Your balances can't be higher than your total limits. What might happen if I let my s go past due? How many s? One All s. What might happen if I never made any late payments?

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What might happen if I have my wages garnished? What might happen if I go into foreclosure? What might happen if I have an sent to collections? What Might Happen If I How does the Credit Score Simulator work? Are these changes guaranteed? What scoring model is the Credit Score Simulator based on? What if I make more than one important change at once? How long do score changes usually last?

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