Erotic mind control story

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Updated: May Looking for the hot and sexy Erotic Mind Control Stories? We have the top 5 must-re for you!

MC Romance as it should be. First, we have to be clear here:. Mind Control and Hypnotism is not exactly the same! So give us roughly 30 seconds of your time to explain what's all about. And then go head first and check out special selection of high-heat, sexy and nifty MC Romance Books! And yes, there is even a Erotic Hypnosis Story in the list as we simply couldn't hold this great read back from you As promised: Let's take a look on the difference between Mind Control and Hypnosis in less than 30 seconds:.

The intended victim although they might not see themselves that way becomes putty in the hands of the person doing the controlling. Hypnotismon the other hand, is an artificial agreement that a person gives to a hypnotist. It is not a conscious decision but rather an acquiescence given once the subconscious mind comes into play. At that point, the hypnotist must test the person to see how deep they are and continually move them deeper depending on how the react. Women and men in these stories are subjected to some form of mind control either through action or word play.

This allows the partner in control to partially or completely how they respond in each situation. So, sit back and enjoy while we take a deeper look at the best MC Romance Books available. And it gives you a new appreciation for how men view women and sex in general.

So, onto the good stuff. Rob likes women, lots of women and he trusts his beautifully sexy assistant Pin to help him in the procurement of those women. Get your copy here! The two best friends have youth on their side, if not wisdom. Snobby and self-centered and judgmental, the two girls are in for a hell of a wakeup call when they share their opinions a bit too freely during dinner out with family.

And everyone knows what assuming gets you.

Vanessa, the woman they insulted and her husband, Sam, have an open relationship and love working together to personally effect women at their whim. And for their anniversary he gifts her the unabashed devotion of the two girls, unbeknownst to them, of course. Sam and Vanessa find out that Julia is malleable, easy to mold and willing to submit to their lessons on love and particularly sex.

But Piper is resistant, thanks to years of training herself to resist the urges she had for her best friend. When she sees Julia months after her friend calls off her wedding, Piper is floored by the changes in her friend. But Piper is resistant, sure to the depths of her soul that this is wrong.

Will Piper give in to her secular needs or will her worldly resistance be rewarded? Will Julia come to her senses or is she too lost to help even herself? In the bedroom and out. When Donovan was a teenager, he noticed that sometimes he could think about things happening to people and eventually he learned that those people sometimes felt as if those things really happened to them.

When he starts to experiment with sexual thoughts, however, Donovan finds himself in control in a whole new way. He is casually enjoying a beer in the park with his cycling teammates when Donovan takes notice of him. Having traded pleasantries with him a time or two and having seen him naked in the shower, Donovan is all too aware of Paul.

And, of course Donovan starts to imagine doing steamy, wonderfully sexy things to his nether region. This book is a fun, easy trip into the possibilities of mind control and the effects it can have. And those effects can happen on both the user and those who are personally overworked by the mental stimulation. Hypnotic Seduction is a medical take on erotic hypnosis stories. And it could be one piece of real life. Johnstone has it bad for a female patient named Raven. Her desire to stop smoking has pushed her to seek help from the noted psychiatrist. Johnstone is eager to try something a little more aggressive.

This short and super-fun erotic hypnosis story takes a look at how hypnosis opens people up to even the most slyly suggested action. This book is obviously for adult readers who like something short and sassy. Pregnant Brides erotic mind control story a sordid tale about Collin, who has the ability to command anyone to do what he pleases. His petulant attitude shows in the way he takes advantage of both his sister and his mother.

The interesting thing about this story is the way his victims resist, especially at the beginning of his mind control attempts. So, it adds an interesting dynamic to the mind erotic mind control story Collin asserts over his victims. And in this case, the victims truly seem to be victims: women who are not actually consenting to the activities they participate in.

This book is only for readers 18 years and older and has some down and dirty scenes that might not be suitable for all.

It does present sexual situations of coercion and non-consensual acts under mind control circumstances. If you are sensitive to triggers about non-consensual sex, do not read this book. Ethically the dude would absolutely lose hisof course. But when it comes to smoking hot sex, Dr. Johnstone has it going on.

And it offers a slightly more ethical approach to mc romance as at least Rob has morals. Do you have other favorites in MC Romance than the books we suggested above? Let us know! We will be happy to adjust or extend our list of best MC Romance books. We love the variety this genre of Literature provides.

Therefore we try to bring to you all the different facets Erotica provides. On filthybooks. And furthermore we provide you with interviews of authors which write in different genres and are maybe not known to you yet. So do not miss to discover new writers and hear about their motivation and love for Erotic Literature from the first hand. And yes, on filthybooks. This shall help us to finance some of the costs which arise. So we do highly appreciate if you would buy your books through our links.

Erotic mind control story

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