F95 accidental woman

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 62 of 96 Go to. Evil Earthworm Jim Active Member. Dec 21, I must admit, 0. Feels smooth. Hosse New Member. Jun 6, 12 2. Prawnboy99 said:.

Hosse If you're using 0. Author stated that on the game's website. Joe Steel Well-Known Member. Jan 10, 1, 1, Hosse said:. I'm not using saves from another version, that's the problem. Joe Steel said:. Same here. The autosave is still massively bugged and the debuffs due to the rape and staying up too late and whatnot are severe. I just make sure to save to file every night before sleeping.

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Reactions: Evil Earthworm Jim. Yea, feels a lot better to me as well. I f95 accidental woman actually somewhat enjoy most features currently in including the sex scenesthough the game still does have a "skeleton" feeling in many places. Only problem I've been having for multiple updates now is no matter what I have my NPC settings set to, it seems the npc's in my game are kept Reactions: Prawnboy Has anyone actually watched that automation video "Humans need not apply" at the beginning of the game?

Really does help to set the scene in the game. Makes me grateful for my work. The city looks like a mega city from the dread universe. I can't say that I've noticed, not because I've been fortunate enough to not experience these problems but because I often get into a relationship with Lilly so I've never been in the market for another NPC however with that said, whenever I have been approached at work and I've been sociable the NPCs have all had the gorgeous tags or have on average been gorgeous.

Maybe it has more to do with the character set up than I ly thought, if you'd like I can give you my character build to see if it helps you beat the odds. No I'm fine, I'm surprised my char hasn't been having that happen to her. My char set up is nice as well, she's a shortstack but I doubt that's causing everyone around me to be meh. I think it's just bad RNG.

Though I do wanna know, in the NPC settings you can skew the generation of attractivness of npcs, but it doesn't tell you what the s are. If it's set wrong, then that might be why the chars are always ugly to me. Last edited: May 7, May 5, What's moronovirus do?

F95 accidental woman 11, I try it and at time the screen of the game is too big for my screen and there are no option to scroll to the full right side. I encounter a problem when I play the game then head to the shopping district then I go to the clothing shop I can select few of the outfits there but then I have no idea what to click as some of the options on the right side can't get out of the shop thus ended my play through. Aug 1, 16 7. Does anyone know how to give birth? Is anyone still receiving this error after the prologue?

Error: array value of zero sent to randomDist! Error: no matching item in distribution found in randomDist function.

It saps the soul having to restart and remake my character over and over to try and get a clear save. Time for an update. Completely clearing my browsers cache seems to have cleared up the problem. It may have something to do with the home you pick at the beginning, I'm not sure.

Last edited: May 8, Jun 8, Well, the game definitely feels a lot better than the last time I gave it a proper go 0. Looking promising, but it probably needs another year or two. Yorekani Newbie. Dec 12, 19 Apr 5, 29 I'm loosing hope for this game, Or perhaps I am just growing tired of the trickle of content. I been waiting since the framework stages forever ago. I am worried they will become like splendid ostrich and it will taper off. Blackrockomega Member. Apr 28, Reactions: polina.

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Aug 11, I just realized that the developers patreon has a modified version of the S. Foundation logo. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

F95 accidental woman

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