Games like dreams of desire

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Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Thread starter El Buki Start date Oct 5, El Buki New Member. May 8, 4 0. I've tried games like Milfy City and Dual Family looking for something new tho. DarthSeduction Lord of Passion Donor. Game Developer. Dec 28, 3, 4, What about Dreams of Desire are you looking for? Because there are over 3DCG incest games on this site, so it's not like you can't find anything similar to DoD. So is there something specific you're looking for, or what? Sumodeine I killed Eric Game Developer.

Oct 8, 1, Shameless plug I'd love it if you gave my game a shot. Just released an update today: You must be registered to see the links. DarthSeduction said:. Sumodeine said:. Jan 21, 1, 1, Anyone who pass me the original link of the game dreams of desire please.

Nuggets New Member. Sep 19, 1 0.

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I'm mainly looking for the Supernatural and Mind Control aspects of games. Barabash Member.

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Jun 5, Nuggets said:. Hyperserver often the biggest step forward is to "step back" Donor. Jun 30, 1, 2, Dec 26, 12 9. Sorry for some necroposting here, but I need the same as OP and I can put it into words more clearly. The games must be linear, without wandering from one location to another, any task lists and stuff like that so Midnight Paradise is out.

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Also without too much of tedious dialogs like in "Main Seduction". Corruption is a huge plus, but not a must. My favorite game aside from DoD is The Spellbook. Well, it's kinda obvious because it kinda copies the story from DoD. Would really appreciate some tips given the aforementioned criteria.

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Found it soon after writing this comment. Last edited: Apr 26, Jul 3, 1 0. COOLak said:. Jul 16, 2 1. You guys should check out the Dark Neighborhood its almost somewhat similar to the concept of DoD. Show hidden low quality content.

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