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Hello beautiful stylists!

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Bear in mind - I'm no expert but I've become obsessed with this app and learnt a few things since I first started playing and I hope to be able to share some of my experiences… Continue reading Welcome. Hello everyone, I know this is super late and there is only a day left for the event.

I'm really sorry, I recently started a new job and it's been amazing but it's also been keeping me away from the game and the blog!

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Hello Stylists! This is a guide for the Stylist Association located below the Mystery House. The Stylist Association is where you can access a lot of awesome features. You'll be able to chat with other members of the association, get exclusive items and benefits, and most importantly complete Commissions - Basically extra stages with special… Continue reading Stylist Association. Hi everyone! This is a guide for the Clinic's Secret Guide.

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The event duration is June 28th to July 4th! The event itself is broken down into two activities. If you are interested to see what a dress look like before investing in crafting or evolving an item, or you just want to see what they look like when being worn, see below! This is a list of the Hair styles I've collected so far in the game.

If you guys are interested to see what the hairstyles look like before investing in crafting or evolving an item, or you just want to see what they look like when being worn, see below: As I collect… Continue reading Hair. It's very important that you level-up your skills as it really improves your scores and often makes the difference between an 'A' and 'S'.

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Not to mention the advantage in the Stylist's Arena. You can upgrade and learn more about your skills by going to on your profile as showed below.

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Upgrading your… Continue reading Skills. Hello Everyone! The event period will be between June 16 - June During this time you can play 5 special stages in order to obtain the beautiful Deer Elf and Nightly Spirit outfits. Update: The post is now up: Let me know if you have any questions!

Just a short announcement: I'll try to make a guide for this event by the end of the… Continue reading Announcement. Act 9 has several 'Special Seek' Stages for hello nikki cheats I had to craft some items. The most challenging one was actyou'll need parts of the Assassin's Faith outfit - you need 'Assassin Faith' the… Continue reading Act 9. They are like a lottery - every day you're given free tickets to try your luck at obtaining rare items. You can also buy tickets with Diamonds or Coins. Older posts. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

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