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HOLLY Willoughby today shut down a porn star who has slept with more than 4, women over the dangers the adult movie industry poses. The presenter, 40, was interviewing porno actor turned director, Miles Long about his industry on This Morning.

Her co-host Phillip Schofield voiced fears about unrealistic expectations on sex for viewers. He said: "When lockdown is over and you can actually go out and meet someone yourself, you've got some sort of false idea about sex because you've been watching porn. Miles argued: "But I don't really think watching something makes you want to do that more.

Irritated Holly cut in, saying: "Except they don't have a plane at their disposal, necessarily. After being put in his place, Miles added to the debate saying: "I think it depends on what you think is normal and what you think is more fantasy. Earlier in the show Holly made a porn joke when she discussed the upcoming interview with Miles.

She told how more people watched porn than the news during the coronavirus pandemic. Holly cheekily joked: "There was a lot of news, which means there must have been an awful lot of in. All Football.

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Holly pornstar

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