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I found it hard to imagine. I can still remember the music that was playing on the radio when I read it, and when one of those songs come on, it takes me right back. I agree!

For me it was when they try to carve an "H" into Ben's stomach. That seemed so fucking monstrous when I read it that it always stuck with me. What I really remember was the death of Patrick Hockstetter the kid who tortured animals and shit.

Obviously, a terrible person, but that death scene was just seriously fucked up. The one scene that from that novel that has stuck with me over the years I read IT 30 years ago, when I was 11 is the scene in the dump where one of the bullies opens the old, abandoned refrigerator and the little winged tube worms fly out and attack him, sucking all his blood out. I think King describes them as looking like rigatoni, which was my favorite food as a kid, which is why it stuck with me.

For me it is the part where Eddie uses his inhaler to fight the monster. And I don't remember it and I just read the novel a few months ago.

For some odd reason I remember Ben in the bar toward the beginning of the book squeezing lemon juice into his eye and draining a tankard of Wild Turkey. I tried it once, he was correct that your eye hurts so bad that the whiskey is easy to drink but failed to mention that it blinds said eye for around 24 hrs afterwards.

Cool party trick though. For me it was Patrick murdering his baby sibling. I have a baby. I almost stopped reading the book at that point because I could not handle it. Upon hearing about the movie, my mom told me she read the book years ago and it was so creepy she won't even watch the trailer. I asked her if it was just Goosebumps -level scary and she said no, but she wouldn't say exactly what was so bad about it. After reading the things here, I understand now.

The description of the little kid who is killed in the bathroom to entice the Losers to return to Derry I think there's a line about the sound of his back breaking. That made me stop reading for the night.

Even Patrick's death was tolerable. Maybe cause he was more flushed out. If one scene illustrates the cruelty of Pennywise - for me, it is that one. Like that book was so flawed, and yet so great.

A lot of people cite the camaraderie elements, which are definitely key in establishing concern for the protagonists. I really liked that you discover what "it" is as the kids do. I thought that was a great build up, even if the answer was sort of a let down.

But the part that sticks with me is the infant killed in his bathtub that the adult losers read about in the paper. The part of the book where the bully gets a bj from another kid in the junkyard, is what stood out.

I wish they would've slipped in an implication in the movie. For me its when Ben encounters the clown walking home from school and the balloon floats towards him against the wind. Stephen King briefly talks about the controversial orgy scene in the 'IT' novel.

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It sex chapter in book reddit

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Stephen King briefly talks about the controversial orgy scene in the 'IT' novel. 'It’s fascinating to me that there has been so much comment about that single sex scene and so little about the multiple child murders. That must mean something, but I’m not sure what.'