Katies corruption f95

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Download Katie's Corruption Katies corruption f95 : Version 1. In this game, the main character, Victor Lane, is a successful self made business man.

He has decided to take advantage of his financial situation, and date beautiful young women. During Victor's time spent with his dates, he will accumulate Sugar Points. At checkpoints, if the Sugar Points are high enough, he will gain Katies corruption f95 Points. These Love Points are specific for each Sugar Baby, and represents whether they have sincere feelings towards Victor or not.

If the Love Points are low, the Sugar Baby will still have relations with Victor, but it will mostly be an act. If Love Points are high for that Sugar Baby, then they will want to date Victor sincerely, and even have a serious relationship with him.

Guidance Path: By choosing the Guidance Path, Victor will guide the Sugar Baby, and do what is best for her, all the while having fun with her. Corruption Path: By choosing the Corruption Path, Victor will exploit the Sugar Baby for his own sexual desires, and transform her into a sex symbol.

After the intro, you will be able to check on the status or date each of the Sugar Babies. Currently there are 3 Sugar Babies in the game, and they will have different outcomes depending on your actions. April: Guidance route: April is and aspiring model, and will become famous under Victor's guidance. Corruption route: April will eventually become a porn star.

Brianne: Guidance route: Brianne wants to be a famous singer.

Victor will help her achieve that. Corruption route: Brianne will become a bimbo. Lee: Guidance route: Lee needs to get out of her husband's debt problems. Victor can help her get back to her normal life. Corruption route: Lee will become a submissive sex slave. Every month, I will release an update. A: You have not katies corruption f95 enough manipulation points in the beginning of the game, and you are stuck on the Purity Route. Try restarting and getting the max amount of manipulation points possible through the dialogue. Loading an autosave should work if you made the wrong choice Manipulation Points should always go up if you want to go to the Manipulation route or Corruption Route.

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Katies corruption f95

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Download Katie’s Corruption – Version – Completed Porn Game