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When Yahoo acquired Tumblr in First, that Yahoo would introduce to the platform, and second, that it would limit access - or do worse - to adult or NSFW blogs hosted by the service. were introduced not long after the acquisition, and it appears that Yahoo made changes recently in regards to adult and NSFW flagged sites on Tumblr as well. Update : Tumblr announced in December that adult content won't be allowed anymore on the platform starting December 17, Existing content that is flagged as adult will be limited to the user who ed it to Tumblr or made it available.

Tumblr makes a distinction between adult and NSFW flagged sites, with the latter containing occasional nudity or mature-oriented contents, and the former containing substantial amounts of those contents. As you can see from the table above, consequences are more severe for blogs flagged as adult, as they are not indexed by search engines or Tumblr search anymore, and also do not appear on tag s for logged out users or logged in users if Safe Mode is enabled which it is by default.

When you try to open a link pointing to a tag that mostly le to adult contents, or a blog flagged as adult, then you may receive no search at all, or may not be able to open the mature on tumblr if you are not logged in, or if you are logged in but have Safe Mode enabled. This means basically that your only chance of accessing adult blogs on Tumblr, and adult is used widely here as it may include educational blogs for example, is to use a Tumblr with Safe Mode disabled.

In other words, if you do not have a Tumblryou cannot access adult contents anymore on the site. Update mature on tumblr Things have changed a bit. Access to adult content is disabled only when you run searches, but not when you click on links to open blogs or posts directly.

Instead, it is available directly on the search but only if you are ed in to an. There you find a padlock icon on the far right that you can click on to enable or hide adult flagged search. Adult content is hidden by default on Tumblr, and there is no option for users without to reveal it on search s. Content can be accessed directly however by clicking on links from third-party sites for instance.

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To turn off Safe Mode, open the Tumblr Dashboard by following the link directly, or by mature on tumblr the settings and then Dashboard after ing in manually on the site. Locate the "Browse tag s in Safe Mode" and uncheck the option. Click the save button afterwards and you should be able to access NSFW and adult blogs and tag s again on Tumblr. You do need to include information, including an explanation why you think that your blog was mistakenly flagged, in the. Safe Mode only affects tags from NSFW blogs as well as the content on the dashboard itself, so unless you already follow the blog in question you will never see the post and even if you follow it you will never see it on the tag.

Never mind, Tumblr changed that a while after I posted it. So what this post just mentioned works now. God, you must be an Xbot shill.

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Calls someone a shill. Acts like a retarded fanboy… Yeah, good job making an argument there! I have the safe mode off and it refuses to let me be independent. How do I deactivate this filter, is there a application to tun off this arbitrary blocker. Is this another Verizon hassle? I guess Tumblr is trying to become members only.

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I will now no longer be able to access tumblr without an. Does anyone have a fix? Which is kind of bullshit. Guys i found out. Because Verizon is a communications company, they must comply with the laws imposed by the FCC Federal Communications Commission regarding not only Verizon operations as such, but the same FCC requirements extend to subsidiary companies owned by Verizon. Digging into the fine print and footnotes of the FCC Rules and Regulations, communication of explicit adult content is unacceptable. The Safe Block is bugged and Block a lot of Normal picture… so annoyinig when you have no … just because you bookmark for like 5 years….

I encourage everyone to leave. Mass exodus can lead to new things, leaving Tumblr to kids and people who look at pictures of food …. Liberalism is the arch-enemy of freedom and free speech. Liberals try to resurrect the term fascism because they need an enemy. Tumblr is shit. The only reason I use it is mature on tumblr view porn.

Everything else is shit. It makes it even worse that is an SJW-haven of immature adults. Now it seems NSFW blogs are headed down the same route.

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Well said. I also only browse to watch porn, but it seems they have now taken that away from us. I am over 18 and a member on Tumblr but it still will not let me deactivate safe mode and its starting to piss me oof. Just do a bit of googling on the subject. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please click on the following link to open the newsletter up : Ghacks Newsletter up. Ghacks is a technology news blog that was founded in by Martin Brinkmann. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.

Search for:. Find out how to access and display filtered search and blogs on the blogging platform Tumblr. Martin Brinkmann. Related content Brave Browser's new privacy protections: time-based permissions and more. Google is shutting down Google Bookmarks. Here are alternatives. Here is what Microsoft has in store for Edge in the second half of Google will start prompting users to switch to Drive for Desktop from July 19th; Backup and Sync will stop working on October 1st. Comments AK mature on tumblr on July 19, at pm. AK said on July 19, at pm. The acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo is a disaster.

DarkStar said on August 7, at pm. Kirj said on November 15, at pm. Wtf is yahoo??!? I should google it and find out. Anonymous said on June 30, at am. Anonymous said on July 2, at am. Bowtie said on July 20, at am. Ella said on July 8, at am. JR said on July 28, at am.

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Mike said on July 28, at pm. Anonymous said on July 29, at pm. Quote: This means basically that your only chance of accessing adult blogs on Tumblr, and adult is used widely here as it may include educational blogs for example, is to use a Tumblr with Safe Mode disabled. Anonymous said on August 2, at pm. Anonymous said on October 6, at am.

Person said on December 3, at am.

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Anonymous said on November 28, at am. Mike H. Fonbzbioein said on December 20, at am. Tumblr is going down. Also, those are outdated screenshots. Elisa said on November 28, at am. Anonnymous said on May 1, at am. Tinus said on June 25, at pm.

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Mature on tumblr

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