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Hints and Tips for: Meltys Quest. I recommend taking screenshots because the exposed bosses will not be saved in scenes mode. My Quest Begins Here! That was Fun - Enter the whirlpool near Vanguard Village 4. Rothstein the Hero - Defeat Kahan 5. Helllooo Nurse - Equip the Nurse outfit you get from the 1st boss require S. Futile - Beat a hidden boss "Cenus" in the Grolido castle hidden passage 4. Birthday Suit - Unequip your costume require S.

Old Foes New Challenges - Encounter the gobbler in true princess mode 2. Kogal Powah! Syrup comes in all types. Why not I suppose. Graduation Congratulations - Equip Succubus outfit and talk to Jobin 5. Pretty Woman 6. Lucky Seven 0. Love Conquers All - Beat last boss with love shot or love wave need high S. Meltys - See all 6 endings Each ending depends on S. A Guide to the Galaxy - I think it's talking to seer after S. This is gonna be handy. According to Granitefish, you can go back to your own room and pick up a ruby ring to meltys quest cheat engine for an extra gold, which is very useful for your first battle.

Red Herbs from the Rothstein Hospital far right of the map Holy Water from the Earthly Church left of the hospital Fresh Water from the well in front of Venoa's house where you started Talk to NPCs with golden stars on their head and they will hand you those ingredients. Once you get them, simply go to Atalier Keith bottom left of the well.

Talk to the guy at the counter, synthesize the red potion, and go back to Venoa's house to give it to the butler. This is an introduction to "item crafting" which is essential to your success of this playthrough! A guy in the graveyard next to the Church gives you one of the few "pure" side quests.

Now, you have G to invest for your first battle. Go to Noosel Plains to collect green herb and flax for healing herb. Get more fresh water from the well and talk to Atalier Keith to craft your healing herb. It will sustain you in your battle. Equip them and you should be ready. Your enemies are goblins. The upper left one comes with a bat, which can cause confusion stun. The boss meltys quest cheat engine Gobblers. They are all fire elementals so water shot will be very useful.

I skipped the first goblin and fight with the other two. It got me exactly 5 SP needed to master the adventurer outfit. To fight the boss, use water shot and healing herb when you must. This is just the first boss and it should be fairly easy. Once you win, your loot is the nurse outfit.

Mine the node behind Gobblers for meltys quest cheat engine iron ore and mine other nodes for stones. If you are not on a pure playthrough, equip the nurse meltys quest cheat engine and go to Rothstein hospital to do the nurse side quest. Also, try to master this outfit for a healing skill. It also grants you poison immunity, which might be useful in later boss fights. You might want to master the princess outfit. It takes a lot of SP but its passive is pretty useful.

You will have to come back here a few times as you progress in your story. For this time, you need 10 woods, 15 stones, 10 flaxs, and 1 iron ore. Collect resources by clicking the glowing blocks in Noosel Plains, the town, the quarry, and the carpenter's hut then talk to the carpenter to have the bridge built. Your enemies are slimes. The boss is Slimey. They are all water elementals so water shot will deal 0 damage on them.

Use normal attack on them. At this point, I went back to get Rookie's earrings and equip it instead of rope collar. You get a Chinese dress outfit from the boss. For now, you would definitely want a wizard outfit as it gives you huge MP pool and "fire shot" which helps you a lot against the next boss. Your enemies are lizardmen and sometimes gold slimes. Lizardmen are weak against watershot. Gold slimes have no weaknesses but they give a lot of gold.

The boss is Lilf. She is, unlike lizardmen, a wind elemental so your new fire shot is your friend. She can use poison, so you might want to equip the nurse outfit if you're not playing a pure run. If you give up to lizardman, you have a chance to become pregnant. If you do so, go to Rothstein hospital to give birth and you'll receive a lot of monster eggs. You can also receive 1 monster egg when you defeat Lilf. Talk to the secretary to trade a monster egg for 10K gold.

You can craft a maid outfit from that gold. Maid outfit gives you a strong heal skill when you master it without any S. Also, talk to the maid to progress your painting questline. It is not useful yet, but it will pay off later in the story. Your enemies are werewolves. They have no elemental weakness. Step on the blue pressure p around the map to break the pillars and open your way to the second level. You can find holy water from the pool in first level after the pillars are broken.

It is essential in crafting nun outfit and high level potions. The boss is Pietra, a gargoyle. Use fire on her and you will be fine. She is pretty easy. You get a gym outfit for beating her. If you want, equip and master it out. Once you finish this area, go back to Tamlyn's dress to craft nun outfit. However, regardless of your choice of pure or S.

Save your game in another slot and definitely stock up your potions, by which i mean healing herbs and food. You might also want to grind the area above a little bit. Once you feel ready, jump down the whirlpool.

After that, there is only one way to go.

Enter the Decayed Meltys quest cheat engine and grab some items you can find here. One is straw figure, it is useful for the succubus forest because it prevents charm another stun. The other item you find is a core bomb. Use it on the meat wall that blocks your path by clicking at the wall and it will prompt if you want to use the bomb or not. Just do it. The monsters are succubi and wind faries. They are all vulnerable to fire shot. Click at each bonfire to open up your path to the boss. This time you face two bosses at once.

Muuma is weak to wind while Yuuko is weak to water. Once you are done, you get a succubus outfit. If you are not on your pure run, equip it and talk to Jobin the guy there. If you are on your pure run, just ignore it. Touch the bonfires and exit to the right side, you will arrive at a succubus village.

In succubus village, talk to all succubus there. One will give you purity dress. Equip it if you are on pure run, it has amazing stats and once you master it you will receive light saber skill. The other girl will progress your painting side quest. There is also a dress shop down here with ninja outfit, which Tamlyn doesn't have.

Meltys quest cheat engine

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