Meltys quest save

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A good translation, easy to get the adult material back in, and plenty of fixes. All around what I wish Sakuragamer was instead of the crap they are. Anyway, this is what I wish was a more constant thing. Fan translator approaches indie and indie lets fan translate work and release on Dlsite or steam or wherever. Both profit. One day, monsters attack the castle. Meltys tries to do something and fails and her three older sisters are taken and the castle destroyed.

Along the way fighting the pillars of the monster army and learning who is at the helm of the monster attack, and its someone closer then Meltys ever thought. The plot is decent and did have a serious twist near the end that completely changes the final boss. Not a lot happens outside of the plot at the boss fights other then you running around trying to bang things. Which is the focus of the game really. It has alchemy for most item creation and a lot of different outfits that change Meltys looks but not in battle and give her passive skills and let her learn new abilities.

These have sexual experience requirements, basically you need to have sex to wear the more risque outfits. For the most point if yous see every scene this you should hit the meltys quest save naturally. Basically you enter an area, fight the new monster, reach the boss and see if you win. If you do you get their lose scene as a usable item so no reason to lose to everything unless you want to. You have the convenient give up option if you want to get to the porn without losing properly.

Its a solid game really, though feels short. Most dungeons areas are a screen or so long and even the biggest dungeon is only two or three screens big. The length really comes from the h scenes and gathering materials which thankfully is easy. The only thing in the game that really needs grinding is the final outfit. The easiest way I find to do this is the castle. Once its built up find a kid and do their scene. So just hold down control and keep going through the kids thing. Should only take a few minutes. The scenes are basically monster rape or human sex.

Around half the monster rape is female monster on Meltys or watching her sisters have sex with something.

The human stuff is mostly costume based things with some gangbangs and such thrown in. The scenes have sound effects and are a good length. Bikini armor, leopard print bikini, miiko outfit and a few others are just for armor and skill. Melty has a lot of art though and I like her de and most of the cgs. Music and tiles are standard I think MV affair. The game itself is fine. Enjoyable, shortish, good porn with a lot of variety. Update: 1. All it does is add 1 costume, a dungeon with some boss fights, and 6 more scenes that are only getable if you do everything in a run.

Full slut, castle, and all side quests. The only notable thing is the new costume triples Melty bust size when she wears it and for the single scene she wears it in. Also the last scene hints at the next game from this group coming over. Save has all cgs and scenes unlocked. Has the random picture from a sidequest and all outfits with the h stat to wear them. At new game decision so if you want to play for yourself or reload and run you can with any outfit. You are commenting using your WordPress. You meltys quest save commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter.

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Meltys quest save

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Meltys Quest Save