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Now that the game became paid I got extra money to hire an animator for Episode 2. The new content is launching in Late August. I only updated the name of the version because some people were confused about the version ing. When I actually post an update, I'll also post a change log. Pay only. I'm investing all the money I get into hiring an animator for the sex scenes.

During the development we'll focus on the new episodes, but when we get Season 1 episodes 1 to 6 ready for release, then we'll spend some extra time attending to episode 1. Inclusive adding animations. The game engine, Ren'py, does support building for the iOS. I just don't know if there is a store where I can sell it.

If you buy episode 1 now, you'll get access to episode 2 without having to pay extra on Itch. I'll release episode 2 as an update. But Patreon members will get an early access of several weeks. Expected release date is Late August. I just changed the game to paid recently, and got 8x more revenue than 'Pay-what you-want', and this extra money will fuel the development of episode 2 even further.

My next goal is to hire an animator to make the sex scenes even better. I just created an Android version. I get paid for my games from several sources, including Itch. Manually logging to copy and paste these s 30 times a month is manual labor that can be automated by an API. Oppai man mobile version needs a lot of care and attention to be done right.

I have this in my mind. I just have to take some time to learn how to make a Mac version and test it. Episode 2 is being developed right now. But in doing so, you ended up having an accident that erased some of your memories. Now, with a clean slate, you moved to another town to start oppai man.

In your oppai man life, you will meet several girls in a new world filled with fun, mystery, and sex. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. More Block. Creator of. Add to collection. FreshWomen - Image Pack Episode 2. Oppai Muse. Oppai-Man 19 days ago. Yes, I'm planning a harem ending. Oppai-Man 20 days ago. I'll bring the game to Steam mid when Season 1 is complete :. Oppai-Man 29 days ago.

Your progress should be transferred from one version to the next without a problem. I'm getting it done right now. It'll be published in late August. You just have to wait. Oppai-Man 33 days ago. The game is pretty much vanilla. Oppai-Man 36 days ago. Oppai-Man 39 days ago. Oppai-Man 40 days ago. Oppai-Man 42 days ago. Oppai-Man 43 days ago. Oppai-Man 45 days ago. Thanks a lot! Episode 2 is coming Late August, and you'll already have it reserved. Oppai-Man 45 days ago 1 edit. It's the same version, the only difference is that the images are compressed. Oppai-Man 55 days ago.

I think episode 2 is coming in Late August.

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Oppai-Man 57 days ago. Oppai-Man 61 days ago. Can you tell more about your device? Oppai-Man 62 days ago. I just published a Mac version! Oppai-Man 63 days ago. Yes, It's possible. It's going to be included with episode 2. Oppai-Man 68 days ago. Do you know any solution for that? Oppai-Man 70 days ago. Anyway, I think I can give you another link to the game so you can bypass this situation.

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Oppai-Man 71 days ago. More is coming!

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Remember to follow me to get notified when episode 2 comes out. Appreciated, ouwebass. But I think I can get it done for episode 2. Oppai-Man 72 days ago. Oppai-Man 72 days ago 1 edit. I really, truly, appreciate your time playing this game. Patrons get status reports every Friday and more previews. Oppai-Man 73 days ago. Thanks for supporting my project, Sani!

Oppai man

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