Pact with a witch

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Steam Version 0. She seems honest and open, but you sense something sinister about her Few users had some issues with their antivirus, deleting the. Solution is disable antivirus just for unzip the file. View all posts. Log in with itch. De verdad que se agradecen este tipo de comentarios!

Latest Public Update doesn't work it seems. I get an exception error. Exception: Shader u'renpy. Nvm, after deleting all old files and only taking the new ones, it worked. I'm glad it worked. I hope it doesn't give more errors in the future, I hope to get it solved in the next update. Me encanta el juego y espero sigas creando mas historias igual de interesantes. Muchas gracias!

Sadly, still quite a lot. Main plot is close to be finished, but there's still remaining several alternative paths.

When is the game gonna be finished is the most asked question, and my answer is always the same one. I don't know. One year ago I though one year was left, and now I think the same, so probably I'm gonna be wrong again That means there is a lot of more sexy gameplay left, hehe!

Played the Newgrounds demo and am very impressed so far, I'll have to download the steam version when i get a chance later on. Really wish I could download the latest version, but it just never starts. I've turned off my adblocker which was the only thing that was blocking popupsand even then itch.

I hope you have a way to get access to it. It was the Mega, but I was able to get to it through the other link on the site. Sorry for the late reply, I don't check itch. You're tone one biten in the bathroom for trying to do what you friend had done, and so you're the one who becomes a woman, so far is not illustrated, but the first 3 days are written in english.

There seems to be a problem with the download. The link only le to the 0.

It's pact with a witch appreciated from your part to share this information. Thank you very much! I am considering to download on android. Can you confirm that android port works well? Otherwise i would be wasting 1 gigs of data. So far I did not recieved any bug reports so far it works better for windows version, specially for minigames but I didn't recieve real negative bugs about it.

Muito obrigado pelo seu interesse! Creo que me imagino cual es Mierda que buen juego. Espero las nuevas actualizaciones con ansias y espero que sigan haciendo juegos del estilo por un tiempo. This screen isn't very useful to people playing on a phone or tablet, since the keyboard is only present when there's an input textbox; speaking of which, the very next screen has oneā€¦. Would help if I could actually see if I was spelling it correctly, or if there is anything in the text input at all.

I should make a map for the android version Now that I tried to work a bit better the android version, you're right, on choices, you can press left part of the screen Actually it was not even default, so I make it default that now. But as last resource, you can go to load, and "auto" it saves in every single decision, so you can always go there I am a game developer. Please tell me, how much money did the steem bring to you when you posted your game?

More than patreon? Please answer this question. The game there is FREE. But that was my choice, since being free allow the game being more known and played specially taking in mind the game is not finished yet. My only money source is patreon so far, and I make the money you can see there. But again, that was my choice, you can put a price on Steam if you want, games like "Being a Dik" is going pretty well on Steam.

But others, like the TinyHat Studios, are in general not so lucky Just finish that latest version,the game is awesome,the story is the best,and the art is beattiful,this is my favorite visual novel,hope new update coming soon,i can't wait : sorry if my english are bad,i'm vietnamese. Updates are every month, but the progress is slow. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story, or at least you find it Eres el desarrollador del Juego de Pact With a Witch?

Estoy en ello. EL padre puede haberse ganado un problema Really enjoying the game. I get it it's not supposed to be such an immersive experience since it's a VN focused on the story and it just contains adult elements, but more options and maybe further expansion on this spectrum may just bring a more pleasant experience with some of us. Hello Andu, Sorry for the late reply. You have actually a very good point, but also take in mind in the game you're taking action from a guy who is already in a certain way, so what your decisions in the game are more like driving a car, if the car is not able to do certain thing, it will have problems.

For example in the game, the player can't drink alcohol without coughing, or control the erection of his dick I understand your point of view, like more options pact with a witch bring a more extensive experience and be able to perform oneself as in the character, but in this game this is a bit limited, at least for pact with a witch physical body experience. Thanks for your comment and I hope you can still enjoy the game. No worries, I understand the context and I can't say I dislike this concept of main character.

I guess it just takes a while for certain people to get used to it - I did after playing until I hit the work in progress wall. Finished art, with music and so on But I can't answer for the minigame The Steam version is only updated once or twice per year, so it will be updated on 25 of July or 25 of December. So is up to you decide if you want to see new art or wait for more story with further updates.

I have tried to download the latest non premium version and when I unzipped the zip file, there was no. Is there another step that I have missed because the last edition I downloaded in ver0. Usually this problem comes from the anti-virus of your computer, since is downloaded from internet, for security it deletes the. Make sure is not your antivirus deleting the file. Hey, I'm on android. I pissed of diadac so she is never around, and after going to the museum with the blond lady. And cumming in neus' mouth, I'm stuck in a loop repeating the same day over and over again. The trigger for it seems to be to choose to go to the museum with the blonde lady, messed around with various routes and every choice i made or didn't make, if i went to the museum with the blonde lady it made the second date with Neus loop.

I had wanted to see if I could go with both the blonde lady and Neus, as blonde chick gives you an actual warning about Neus. Actually is a bug of this version, it will be fixed in the nexst version.

Sorry for the inconvenience In some of the scenes there is a screen saying something about "exception" and there are many options like Rollback, ignore, open, copy BBcode, In some I can ignore and move forward but in some I just can't access that choice. Full traceback: File "day Thanks vpgenius! It's already fixed for the next update 25th of this monththanks for the report! Not completely, it will be accessible in version 0.

Good question. Basically because you take decisions on his actions, but not on his emotions. I don't deny that once the game is completed I could make a different ending there Yes, the morning is accessible in the Free Itchio Version.

The lastest Free version is 0. I know is a bit late, but what that spanish message say?

Pact with a witch

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