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I have simply attempted to pick-up where he left off. This game is actually very well thought-out and quite a bit of fun. The combat is generally well-balanced, so long as you don't try to rush through it. Leveling isn't too tedious and the sex scenes are pretty hot, as well as being quite kinky. As of this version 1. Many different enemies, NPC's, and quests can be found. Tinkerer has stuck with this game for for well over a year and doesn't seem to be stopping. In fact, he recently posted that the game may well take him into next year and beyond, which is great since it has a lot of potential.

I am also not a programmer or in any way code savvy. My knowledge of Peasant's Quest is based on my own experiences playing the game and some input from Tinkerer the game developer. When I began playing this game, I bumbled through it for over a week before I found a v 0. Instantly, I found some of the things I could have done differently. This doesn't mean that my choices were 'wrong' just that there were other options made more sense, in the long run. That is the reason I've used a great deal of the content from the v 0.

As I stated, this walk-thru is a guide, it in no way means that it is the only way to play the game. The choice of what, and when your MC does something is up to each player, individually. As 'bartleby' suggested in the original walk-thru, Enjoy!

And if you like the game, please consider supporting Tinkerer on Patreon. There are a of locations in the various maps where you can harvest such things as firewood, mushrooms, blue lilies, wild pumpkins, and other items. I suggest you explore anything and everything that looks the slightest bit suspicious at different times of the day and night.

These items aka: spawns are all on peasants quest tinkerer walkthrough universal timer that regenerate every 7 game days. Pick them up when you see them as you will need them later in the game. You don't get much cash for them, and it's nice to have a good stockpile later peasants quest tinkerer walkthrough for potions and quests. In addition to the items you can harvest as you walk along there are several enemies which provide you with needed bonus's Boar's Carcass, Pig Fat, etc. Hold on to these. You may get a good price from them at the store but each of them is needed at one time or another during the story.

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As is the case in many RPGs, leveling is pretty slow at low levels, but it gets easier as you gain experience and improve your gear. But there are several options to work around this problem almost as soon as you begin. The first, is the opportunity to work for the farmer.

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He will offer you the a job working in his fields 8 hours per day. The farmer will also allow you to sleep in his barn and regain HP and MP each night. The second option, is based, in part on the first one. Remember how the farmer paid you?

Well, that is just enough for a night at the INN. There you will recover far more HP and MP each night. At later times in the game this can be an advantage as it allows the character s to sleep for '8 hours' or 'Until the next morning'. A dog really IS man's best friend. Since you want to build up some XP and money before you head into the Goblin Forest, it is quite easy to gain a level or two by doing nothing but working for the farmer and the blacksmith before retiring for the night in the farmer's barn.

Now, instead of heading for the farmer go to the blacksmith shop. You can work there for 6 hours 3 cycles and still get the work done on the farm so you get paid for that as well. If you work at the farm first you can only work at the blacksmith 2 cycles before getting tired. The second option provides more than enough HP and MP to surpass the character's needs for the first several levels but your cash is gone. And the third option provides a little of both. If you want to restore your health and magic, while getting cash and XP, feel free to spend multiple peasants quest tinkerer walkthrough working for the blacksmith and the farmer while staying in his barn, or occasionally staying at the INN.

Whether you spend a day doing this or 12 weeks, will have absolutely zero impact on events in the world, with the exception of one quest later in the game. As you get tired at the end of the day, you stats decrease reducing your combat effectiveness. If you get to the point of being 'Exhausted', run from any further battles.

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Your chances of winning are almost zero. This also applies to your Magic Attack stat, which determines the effectiveness of your Heal Small Wounds spell. If you are going to use that spell to recover health before sleeping, peasants quest tinkerer walkthrough wait until the very end of the day to do so. If you are tired, the spell will be less effective. Goblins in this game pay 15 coins for a pair of ears if you sell them at the store.

You will gain money from other sources as you play the game, but all other income pales next to the 20 coins per set of Goblin ears that the mayor of Weirdwood pays you. Similar to leveling, it's slow at first, but once you are able to kill several Goblins per day it will go faster. As soon as you can reliably kill multiple Goblins per day, start staying at the INN instead of just sleeping in the farmer's barn.

The higher HP and MP recovered each night is much peasants quest tinkerer walkthrough than the limited amount you get from sleeping in the barn, and the 15 coin price of a room is paid for by one set of Goblin ears or by a day working for the farmer.

If you are going to be using the INN, though, it's a good idea to rent your room early in the day like before you leave after waking up in the morning. If you lose track of time and get back to town after dark, the Innkeeper has gone to bed, and you can't rent a room The rats may enjoy the company but you won't since you lose 3 HP.

Here's a little something I had to learn the hard way. Some of the items you gather along the way can be eaten. They can increase, or in some cases, decrease your HP or MP. The gear that you can buy at the Smithy in Weirdwood is all the gear that is currently in the game, so buy upgrades when you can afford them.

No better gear as of version 1. There are some rare situations when you can 'Unequip' weapons from some else in your party and then use them yourself but that could be a problem if you need that character later on. This last tip is really applicable to any RPG, but it's still valid. You never know when you will want to backtrack to an earlier save to see what the outcome might be if you do something different or if you accidentally kill a vital enemy. It sucks. You lose 3 HP. The local 'working girl' hangs out near the alley. Her name is Gwynneth. The discount only applies to services done to the MC not on his behalf.

Carpenter Marcus Alchemy Desk coins After you've completed the Witch Quest Dungeon Items coins each once you have access to the Tower of Dread's dungeon Farm Farmer You can work for him 8 hours for 15 coins and access to his barn as a sleeping location. The barn isn't bad in comparison to sleeping in the alley. This quest is repeatable. Working for him also unlocks the Sheep Killer quest. The first time you use the Drink a Pint option, you will meet the Innkeeper's daughter, Alice. Be nice to her and keep your hands to yourself for now. Doing this unlocks her as an intractable character in the INN.

See the Innkeeper's Daughter quest. Otherwise, you might get stuck sleeping. Also, completing the The Innkeeper's Daughter quest reduces the effects of sleeping in the INN see quest description for details. He also gives you the quest Goblin Ears. If you ask him if there's any other work he'll give you the Witch Trouble quest. Talk to Victoria, the Mayor's Wife. She will tell you about the house for rent, as well as the cost.

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She will also provide several quests for you to complete as the game progresses. Completing it unlocks the Work the Forge action. Later in the game, the Blacksmith will help with the Spyglass, and Innkeeper's Daughter quests, as well as, helping you gain Frida's affection. When you catch her in the act, agree to be quiet. This makes her happy. Helping her out a second time opens up the Spyglass quest. Buy Horse Seed 50 coins for 5 A small vial containing, you guessed it horse cum! Lacey Black Lingerie Front of Store coins.

Sacred Well: Enemies: None. I've ed those that Tinkerer has named with a list developed by 'bartleby' and myself. They are listed alphabetically, not in the order you will accomplish them, in this section. As Tinkerer continues to develop this game I'm sure this list will get larger so feel free to expand on it as time goes on.

A Date with Alice 2. A Date with Beth 3. A Friend's Problem 4. A Garden for Frida 5. Bat Breeder 6.

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Boar Hunt 7. Crown of Qetesh 8. Find the Blacksmith's Dog Find the Poacher Get Alice a Room Key Getting Mia a Puppy Goblin Alchemy Goblin Ears Goblin Tactics Heavy Weapon Training Keep Seeing Victoria Limp Dick Maternity Wear Missing Shipment Orc Stronghold

Peasants quest tinkerer walkthrough

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