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Any of you heard of Piper Perri? Regarding the circumstances that led to Hayden's hospitalization, Perri said, "As far as I know my son fell down the steps and he may or may not have been shaken in an attempt to revive him. Local news outlets have reported that the doctors who examined Hayden claimed his injuries were consistent with "shaken baby syndrome," and that Redell was booked that day by the Jefferson Parish Sherriff's Office for second-degree cruelty to.

Redell was released on bond, but re-arrested after Hayden's death Friday on suspicion of second-degree murder. Perri noted that she intends to start a foundation in Hayden's name to aid other families facing the same tragedy by which she's been struck, and that any amount she collects through GoFundMe in excess of what's needed to cover Hayden's hospital and funeral costs will go toward forming that foundation.

He got piper perri retire with murder.

She left her 2 year old son with her drug addict boyfriend so she could go shoot porn and he killed him: LINK quote: Redell, who was was piper perri retire Umbenhower while his girlfriend was out of town, said the boy fell and hit his head near the back door of the house in the block of Allo Avenue and was unconscious. The child was transported to University Medical Center, where he died five days later. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said Redell's story changed several times, but that he told police he took Umbenhower to the shower after the fall and ran water over his head in an attempt to revive him.

But hospital physicians determined Hayden had suffered subdural hematomas, brain swelling and retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes, which they said was consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Replies Options Top. Replies 0. George Member since Jul posts. Replies 1. Damn, I feel sorry for her.

People will make light of what happened but nobody deserves that. Replies 2. Bigfishchoupique Member since Jul posts. Old news. She was available in New Orleans last month if you would have wanted to do her.

The baby is the one who didn't deserve 'that'. The degenerate count does and will have to live the rest of her life with it. Is she from NO? If not, how did she get involved with a random guy from real slow Marrero? Replies 3. Your best post ever. Sentrius Fort Rozz Member since Jun posts. And she is really not very attractive. Giantkiller LSU Fan the internet. Member since Sep posts. Jump to. Latest LSU News ».

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Piper perri retire

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piper perri retired