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A policewoman who allegedly woke to being sexually assaulted by a fellow cop was "hysterically crying" when a colleague went to talk to her. The policeman, who cannot be named, is charged with sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and indecent assault following an incident on the night of February 4 and early hours of February 5 at a Kerikeri motel. The officers, along with a group of colleagues, were in Northland for Waitangi Day commemorations. The Crown's case is the officer policewoman sex into the alleged victim's motel room and "helped himself" to her, despite her earlier refusing his advances after a group of officers had been drinking and socialising.

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The accused denies the charges, claiming the incident was consensual and a "pre-arranged hook-up". On Wednesday afternoon, the constable sharing a room with the accused gave evidence. He said he was woken by the defendant and told that he and the policewoman had "hooked up".

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The pair were "doing it" when she asked him to stop and said she couldn't do it anymore before starting to cry, he said. By "doing it" the constable said he pd the defendant meant the two were having sex. The constable then went to the woman's room and saw her sitting on her bed with her back against the wall, knees up against her chest, "hysterically crying", he said.

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He went inside and sat down on the bed where she told him she was sleeping and woke up to the defendant "f The constable said he was in shock at the time, and apologised to the woman, not knowing what else to say. He told the court she was short of breath and continuously crying while they spoke. The constable said he didn't want to console her physically as the room policewoman sex "pretty much a crime scene now". Earlier on Wednesday, the woman was re-examined by Culliney, saying she was not in full "constable mode" when she decided to record conversations with her sergeant after the alleged incident.

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I was the only female and with what had just happened to me I didn't know who I could trust The court ly heard how the woman made two recordings in the early hours of February 5. One of the recordings was with the defendant in the room and is a two minute long clip in which the complainant could be heard crying and asking the defendant what happened. She told the man: "I policewoman sex you earlier and I've woken up to you f The second clip included the woman speaking to her sergeant and her room-mate. In it she can be heard telling her sergeant how she had woken up to the defendant in her room.

On Tuesday, the complainant was cross-examined by Paul Borich QC and accused of making up a false complaint after getting "the guilts". Borich said she made up the allegation because she regretted cheating. I was sexually assaulted by [the defendant]," she said. The trial before Judge Evangelos Thomas and a jury continues.

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Police sex assault trial: Constable says policewoman was 'hysterically crying' after alleged incident. Catrin OwenMar 11 The alleged sexual assault happened at a Kerikeri motel while the officers were on deployment for Waitangi Day commemorations.

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Crown prosecutor Fiona Culliney says the defendant "helped himself" to a female colleague.

Policewoman sex

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