Princess trainer console commands

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Hi, This game is made using RenPY. One of its characteristics is that the memory address for the resources changes with every action we do. I can't post urls yet, please replace [colon] with : and [dot] with. Money is stored as a 4 byte value 4 byte alignedexactly as you see is ingame, I mean there is no encryption.

Your problem is that the value changes its address each time you change its value, so you have to find and edit it in one go. If you have less than 20 just change their value in CE and see if it changes ingame.

Right clicking twice causes the game to refresh the displayed value without changing its address. EDIT: The best way to cheat in this game would be to edit script. This is thr problem im running into. Back to top.

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Princess trainer console commands

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Princess & Conquest: Cheats and Console Commands