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Quest Failed: Chapter Two is the continuation of the 'Quest Failed' series, following the misadventures of an aspiring adventurer and the various monster girls he encounters in his travels. The second chapter picks up right where the chapter left off, with Matt having successfully repelled an undead assault against the capital city of Rhan, and quest failed vndb granted an audience with the Queen who seems to possess some kind of interest in him upon hearing of his exploits.

The capital city is a big place, with many curious individuals lurking behind its walls--some friendly, some And with the player being given more freedom than ever before to explore this new city, who can say what kind of trouble young Matt might find himself in now?

The Quest Failed: Chapter Two demo is finally here! In this expansive demo more than twice the length of Chapter One's demo! There's a total of 4 cg scenes for your viewing pleasure 3 h-scenes and 1 particularly steamy moment so make sure you leave no choice unchecked, as you never know what might happen! And if you enjoyed your time with the Chapter Two demo--please consider supporting the [FrostWorks patreon]! Jilly worked super hard on the banner! It's a great way to keep up with development of the game, with a whole range of CG scene teasers, written stories and even sometimes an audio scene or two!

The development of Chapter Two has been a long road and admittedly I'm very nervous about finally putting something out for you all to play, as I know it's been far too long! But I really do hope you enjoy what the demo has to offer and that it gets you excited for the full release coming down the line. It won't be tooooo much longer, I promise! I'm very interested to hear what you might have to say about your time with the Chapter Two demo and would be very grateful if you filled out a short feedback form after going through all of the content the demo has to offer and left your thoughts.

Whether you enjoyed it, or felt maybe there quest failed vndb something that could be improved upon for the final release, I'm all ears and will be reading through every form submitted and taking it all on-board. If you wanted to reach out to me directly regarding anything concerning Quest Failed, feel free to leave a comment below or me directly at: unlimitedfrostworks gmail.

I'm usually hanging out around there most days, too and will sometimes post small teasers concerning Quest Failed that I feel might not warrant a full tweet or blog post. Log in with itch. I used to be a level 2 patreon supporter but had to cancel for financial reasons, been following the development of your games for a long time.

I just wanna say that I appreciate what you do and the high level of quality! Even your choice of voice actors is quite good in my opinion. I look forward to what is yet to come and have no doubt that you will keep up the high quality. Heya, thank you so much for your support and kind words--they really mean a lot to me. No need to rush or anything. But it's been three months since I asked.

Any ballpark for the release? Heya, still powering along! I'm at quite a crucial scene now--and I'm excited with progress, but still have a few h-scenes to tackle after, too!

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Apologies I can't give any solid estimate, but right now I'm just taking things a bit at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Is there gonna be a character arc sometime in this series where Matthew isn't so, you know Or is just gonna be depressing to the end? It'd be fine if nothing changes; just wondering how things are gonna play out.

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I'd like to think he certainly grows as a character as time goes on--but he'll never become mega powerful, or that won't lend very well to the overall femdom theme I tend to stick with in QF! I'm powering through each day as I continue to tackle the script, so things are steadily coming together! I don't want to commit to any specific time-frame to avoid disappointment, but I'll definitely let people know when I think I'll have a definite date closer to the time!

I'm SO sorry, it is not you guys, but I'm boycotting patreon at the moment, is there somewhere, anywhere else I can support you guys? Heyo, No worries--I completely understand and appreciate the he up! You don't have to apologise! At the moment I have no other way for people to potentially support me, beyond direct purchases of the games, as I always worry about stretching myself too quest failed vndb across too many platforms.

I would love to make a pixel based one off cross over of this and monster girl dreams by threshold as a party builder dungeon crawler. I think that would be amazing! Ahh, I've actually thought that a lot, and even experimented with a couple of things in RPG Maker with little pixel based versions of characters--but it's quite a daunting task and would take too much quest failed vndb away from the VNs, so I had to just leave them as fun little what-ifs, haha.

Holy crap, that looks so good! But yeah, as you said, you got enough on your plat right now. But who knows in the years to come? Maybe you'll re-release these games re-imagined as classic rpg's later. Any updates about Quest Failed - Chapter Two?? Hiya, still trucking along in development with tons of scenes completed! Definitely one of the more ambitious things I've tackled, haha. Thank you so much for your patience and support! I love your work FrostWorks!

Looking forward to the game when it releases. You are awesome! Stay safe and keep well. Crazy times right now with the pandemic. You say that you give quest failed vndb of certain things like pictures, test. I want to help on your works. I'm waiting Chapter 2 since a year now don't worry, take your time :p and so I want to encourage your works with a patreon.

Plus, i'm really happy than you still continue the dev and not despair because of time or whatever! But, please I jJust want to help you as more as i can and discover the surprise one day : I just hope that Jilly will always stay with Matt! Hiya there! If you wish to support me without receiving the usual benefits as to avoid spoiling the full experience--that's totally fine and understandable!

Though, since I send out rewards and posts to everyone on Patreon at once--admittedly it might be more difficult to just filter you out of those if you chose to pledge. To avoid spoilers, I would suggest to make sure your settings on Patreon were set not to alert you on new posts--or to be wary of opening the posts if you did so.

Hey Frost, huge fan of this series. Question about version-- is this demo the most recent thing? Or is there something with more content if I become a Patron? So sorry if that's in an FAQ somewhere, I am totally new to this. I realize that's probably not a possibility since the current system of being a Patron probably nets you way more cash but I genuinely wanted to make sure I was thinking about that correctly and there wasn't some way to buy it in an "early access" kind of way. Hiya there, thank you so much for your kind words!

The demo featured on itch. At present--there only way to get alpha builds is to be a monthly subscribe to the tier, yeah. Where you get the most recent build for the month you're on after processing, as an on-going thing, with it usually taking a couple of months for a new build to be ed due to the immense work that goes behind each one. Which I understand isn't an ideal thing for people that may just wish to pay a one-time thing for access.

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As I feel that in its current state it doesn't represent what I want people to experience for their first, full playthrough and would rather that people play it in its finished state if possible. But if people really want to support me to such a degree, then I'm happy to let them test the builds as a means of thanking them.

If that makes sense : P Hopefully I haven't rambled too much, haha, but essentially, I don't want Chapter Two to be considered like other adult games where people play incremental builds that come out rapidly--and want it to be a fully-fledged commercial experience that people can play with all of the content ready to go. And that the alpha builds are just there as a bonus for supporters, rather than being the intended way to play it. So if you want a fully polished experience right from the get-go, I would say to wait for the full release!

Dude I am so sorry that it took me days to reply to this, I am the absolute worst. I completely forgot and just haven't been on in a long time. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me, I totally understand what you mean-- and you weren't rambling at all! I'm glad to know for sure that the subscription method is the best way to support you quest failed vndb others who are making this kind of content. By the way, the writing, voice acting, artwork, and even pacing are just fantastic by the way. I've recently gotten in to wanting to craft experiences for people via video games and I know how much it can mean to get not just generic praise but also specific feedback.

I sincerely wish the best for you and everyone else working on this. All good, haha. I completely understand! Life has a tendency to do that sometimes. Thanks again for your very kind words! A lot of love has definitely went into QF over the years--and even though I haven't been able to get everything exactly the way I wanted it, I'm still incredibly proud of what I've achieved so far! While was rough quest failed vndb general, hopefully it won't be tooOOOOOoooo much longer before everything comes together! At the current moment in time all I can do is refer you back to my reply regarding ETAs!

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I freaking love you Frostworks, your game is the best h-game i've ever played and it's leagues above most non h-games i've played. I just wanted to show some appreciation for all the hard you're putting into the game and tell you that i can't wait til it's done.

I legit made an just to write this. Ahhh, thank you very much! Still difficult to say quest failed vndb yet. Apologies that I can't give a more concrete answer at this moment in time, but due to the non-linear way I've been approaching the writing and tackle various scenes out of order, it gets pretty difficult to tell how much is left--and how far along things are. But I'm pretty happy with how things are, at the very least!

I look forward to the release of the sec. I really need to ask this now, netherless. Will there be mor foot play in the game? Maybe even with my fav. So Frostworks. I have been waiting for this game for years.

Quest failed vndb

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