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I update this list every week and always look at comments for new sub-Reddits for users to follow, so comment below your most-visited. At the beginning of my hotwife journey, I was really nervous so my boyfriend and I decided to use this subreddit to meet guys I could reddit hotwofe webcam sex with, text and then eventually meet once I was comfortable.

We also have some people from this subreddit tell their stories in more detail, which you can find on our cuckold story. If you read this blog you will know one of my favorite parts of group sex and cuckolding Jack my boyfriend is voyeurism. WouldYouFuckMyWife has over k subscribers and is where I and many others have their husband share their nude images in exchange for peoples feedback. My boyfriend loves finding other men and swapping my nudes with them, it then le to swapping contact so I talk to the men and Jack talks to the wives.

Everything from sharing wives, to wives being passed around during threesomes and one of my personal favorites wives getting their first taste of BIG cock. Whereas the men myself or Jack have reddit hotwofe through cuckolding do usually flake and rarely materialize into a date. You can also rate hotwives here on cuckin. I have to admit when I first started exploring myself sexually with my boyfriend Jack I only really wanted to add men to our relationship.

If you like hotwife captions you can try our hotwife caption with real pictures from real couples. You can also check out the cuckold captions from myself and Jack and the people who ed the Cuckin community. You can learn a lot about training a Hotwife or as a woman getting your man to want you to be a HotWife.

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Not as active as some, but still worth a look. CuckoldPregnancy : Over 19k Members. I actually love this subreddit and I forgot to mention till AstaSilva reminded me in the comments. We found this subreddit has some of the best cheating stories, pictures and videos of any cheating. Be warned it makes you want to cheat or at-least send some naughty pictures out to some hot men.

I find when Jack or another lover cums in my pussy, mouth or over my body it makes reddit hotwofe feel complete and this sub is set up for women who have the same idea and love for cum. Well, this is my other guilty pleasure, I love BBC and find the videos and pictures on this sub to be hard to resist. Jack goes nuts for this Sub-Reddit. I used to reddit hotwofe Reddit to find lovers, I met a few amazing men and some sex penpals, however, I now use any of these dating sitesas a woman you can literally have your pick of guys plus, there are lots of hung men.

Everything cuckold reddit you need to explore the kink, start dating, masturbate and learn if you really are a cuckold. I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dating Pictures Videos Stories Guides I update this list every week and always look at comments for new sub-Reddits for users to follow, so comment below your most-visited. My boyfriend and I read it together for ideas and we do get off quite a alot when reading it. Wife sharing has over k subscribers and is a gold mine for cuckold and hotwife content.

I love being watched, having all eyes on me and getting men off.

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I sometimes go here on my own and post a few requests. Something for the ladies out there.

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This Reddit is a must for any cuckquean! I have this Sub-Reddit to thank for that. If you have a fantasy of your wife being wild at the office then you will love this. Want to see what a night looks like as a HotWife? These texts will give you an idea! You can get our explicit captions if you our membership :. Go to reddit hotwofe sub-reddit for cuckold captions. This is a sub for discussions about the lifestyle. Anything from pictures to experiences, advice and guides. The community is really active and pretty friendly which always helps. This Reddit so for all the lucky women who have amazing husbands who enjoy sharing them!

A wonderful place to show off how sexy and amazing your wife is. In all honesty this is my go-to porn for when Jacks out of town. Cheating sluts is another sub we love. Another of my go-to subs for masturbation. If your wife is on the edge of trying a BBC this will definitely push her over that edge. This sub is amazing for finding other couples that are down for threesomes. Show your wife some appreciation and share reddit hotwofe best pictures of her on AmatuerWifes.

So, there you have it. Have an amazing day! Comments: I just spent an hour looking at Reddit s, woops. Thanks for the resource! I just litrally spent hours clicking Reddits too. You should add my subreddit to this list!

Thanks for reminding me, just added it to the list. Some great reddits here. Thanks, I now have a very busy afternoon ahead!!

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