Reddit slutty confesions

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I slowly succumbed to alcohol and sex.

Because of my alcoholism and sex-addiction, I failed to perform in my job and I was asked to leave my job after the 1-year probation period. I met my team-leader and sweet talked him to a date. After the date, I slept with him and asked him to help me keep my job if he wants more sex sessions with me.

He told he would see what he can do and came back to me as he already submitted my report to the HR department. The next day he came back to me with a proposal that our HR manager also wants his share of what I gave my TL. The same-day night I slept with our HRM. It saved me my job with an agreement to satisfy them whenever they needed. For the next few months, they used me as their slut. They fucked me and made me please their cocks even in office whenever they got chance. In return, I almost got no task to complete at the job. There were four other members in my team.

All men and I was the only woman. Our TL started ing the tasks completed by other guys in my team under my name. The guys got jealous of the treatment that I got. So they went and complained about it to the HRM. HRM called me and said about the complaint and proposed an idea to stop prevent my teammates from complaining to anyone reddit slutty confesions.

As all my 4 teammates were in their early 20s and desperately virgin, it was easy to convince them. First, they took turns. Later they gangbanged in groups of 3 or 4 at a time. It was my first time with more than one man. That day I realised that I have turned into a nymphomaniac. After that night, my teammates were happy to add my tasks at work to their workload and now I had to please 6 cocks at the workplace. I even had a few gangbang sessions at the office in the name of team meetings.

It went on for over a year. I even got some bonus and salary raises. So I asked for a promotion to the HRM. He told that it would not be possible as promoting me in such a short period may raise questions about my performance and there is a risk that my not doing much real office work could be revealed to top managers.

So he told, if I need more money, the only option is to look for a shift. He was also nice enough to give me a good recommendation and references. Source: reddit. post. Next post. Thus, I started looking out for new opportunities.

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Reddit slutty confesions

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