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A few weeks ago, a dating website for gamers called Shag a Gamer launched.

But to each their own. What harm can Shag a Gamer really do? You only have to scratch the surface of Shag a Gamer to reveal that the site is more than just a silly headline. Yeah alright Casanovatron. Cool your jets, HAL Surprising and damning too, is that Lola, Coco, Sweetyand Babscame to me in the first place.

And she would be one terrified, or very excited, woman. Shag a gamer a Gamer is literally fixated on women or at least on heterosexuality — updating your gender or sexuality on your profile requires that you send an to the Shag a Gamer support team, who I can only assume are trained in drop down menus. When you eventually click on almost anything, the reason these joyful naked specimens are being ferried before your eyes becomes clear. Quickly, this niche interest dating website begins to show its true colours: green like money rather than purple like engorged genitals.

So: where all the gamers at? Your interests are reduced to a series of predefined interests, all of which are sexual positions and acts rather than whether or not you invert your Y-axis. This is simply a generic dating website.

We provide the software, pre-populated member database, the payment processing, a dedicated customer support center, bespoke CRM program, and more. All you have to do is drive traffic to your site. SoShag a Gamer is not a bespoke hook-up website built for gamers after all. That means that, if a persongenuinely ed up looking to stick it in or be stuck into bysomebody who could recite the Konami code mid-coitus, they will find nothing but money-sucking bots, loneliness and disappointment. People are at best private about their sex lives yes,even on a site like Shag a Gamer and at worst ashamed and guilty about their online activities.

Exactly how aware of that embarrassmentdo you suspect the people behind Shag a Gamerare, and how willing would they be to use that embarrassment to hold on to subscriptions?

Support: ID please. Me: Yep. Support: You paid until the 6th of September, you just ed up today? To cancel your subscription what we do require is a call 72 hours before the expiry date. Me: Sorry, what was that? Support: …the 20th of September, okay? Me: I want to cancel it now, on the phone. Me: I think it should be possible for me to do this over the phone now. Me: Can I cancel the Direct Debit from my end? To cancel your subscription you have to call 72 hours prior to your expiry date, which is 72 hours prior to the 20th of September.

Support: Do you not want the 14 days free of charge?

Me: Absolutely not, no. Support: No re-billing, thank you, goodbye. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being so specific in your sexual interests as to seek out a site like Shag a Gamer, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the core concept behind Shag a Gamer, but there is something wrong when your dating website appears to be populated by fake or illegitimate users who repeatedly send out the same messages verbatim.

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Shag a gamer

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“Shag A Gamer” Cuts to the Chase