Tentacles thrive walkthrough

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Dec 10, Tholio Member. Nov 14, I can't unlock the Queen's Nest. Version is 4. Last edited: Aug 6, Reactions: Terryujin. Tholio said:. Xol Member. Sep 11, You must be registered to see the links. Last edited: Aug 7, Richy-zen Member.

May 17, Are there still some issues with the animations? Like, are they still lagging? Because that would be the main issue with this game. Jun 2, Xol said:. After 20 years of pokemon, I have literally zero problem with that. Breeding and training is relaxing, to me I get the issue tho. Reactions: Tholio.

Jul 1, 64 Reactions: Xol and Terryujin. Feb 10, 53 Sep 3, 32 I need a complete save plss. Reactions: hilo Apr 11, 19 MsKris28 Newbie. Aug 8, 40 What do I need to do to unlock the next skill? I have captured 6 territories, around the main base, a monster is training in each territory. Gohan Active Member. Aug 4, MsKris28 said:. View attachment Reactions: MsKris Gohan said:.

Before you as a monster to train, you have to check if it's got a chance to find special items in the area. Thai Member. Jul 30, Got this on the discord, hope it helps.

Last edited: Aug 9, Thai said:. View attachment Got this on the discord, hope it helps. I am ready to post my research, if someone asks me I do not want to do spoilers in a common topic. Show hidden low quality content.

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Tentacles thrive walkthrough

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