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Many fans are wondering if Iris and Barry have finally had sex as the promo for episode 10 features a bare-chested Barry Allen in bed with Iris. Also, it looks like Wally West has come into his own as Kid Flash and may actually be faster than Barry.

It has taken about three seasons of The Flash for Barry and Iris to officially be together; therefore, some fans are demanding some on-screen action between the two lovebirds. In a discussion with TVLineco-showrunner Aaron Helbing does not confirm or deny whether Iris and Barry go at it onscreen or offscreen when asked if the lovemaking has already happened. It turned out that this Is not a good idea as Barry goes five months into the future and witnesses the self-titled "god of speed" kill Iris. The good news is that it gives Barry and the team time to prevent that future from taking place and Jay Garrick assures Barry that the future is not written in stone.

In Episode 9 of The Flash Savitar brags that he is "holding the power of life and death over all" The Flash and his friends and claims to know their " fears and weaknesses, and destinies. It is unclear what suffering a fate worse than death means and who in Team Flash is destined to die.

The promo for The Flash Episode 10 previews Barry and the team working diligently on stopping the near future that he saw. There is not doubt that Barry will do everything in his power to save Iris. The episode is titled "Borrowing Problems from The Future," which indicates what Barry witnessed in five months time being the main theme. A consistent theme in The Flash is that time will find a way of replacing the thing you try and change.

Therefore, someone must die in place of Iris and sometimes things get worse as we saw with Flashpoint. Wally West is going to go against Jared Morillo also known as Plunder and proves his skill as a speedster. It seems like Flash and Kid Flash will have a rocky start as a duo but work things out later on. So, who else is anticipating the rest of The Flash season 3? Barry Allen is notoriously stubborn and has tried to fix the timeline several times despite being warned not to.

Cisco is also learning how to vibe and may help Flash manipulate the timeline without the same side effects. He may also help Barry go into the future, rather than the past. Trending Stories. December 29, Frank Yemi. Latest Headlines. View More. About Contact Advertise on Inquisitr.

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The flash sex

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