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Michael's off color remark puts a sensitivity trainer in the office for a presentation, which prompts Michael to create his own.

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Dwight Schrute : Shalom, I'd like to apply for a loan. Pam Beesley : That's nice, Dwight. Dwight Schrute : OK, do me. Something stereotypical so I can get it really quick. Pam Beesley : OK, I like your food. Michael Scott : Pam, come on, "I like your food," no, come on, stir the pot. Stir the melting pot, Pam! Let's do it, let's get ugly, let's get real.

Pam Beesley : OK, if I have to do this, based on stereotypes that are totally untrue, that I do not agree with, you would maybe not be a very good driver. Dwight Schrute : [shocked] Aw man, am I a woman? In. The Office. Director Ken Kwapis. Greg Daniels developed for American television by B.

Novak Mindy Kaling staff writer. Top credits Director Ken Kwapis. Photos Top cast Edit. Novak Ryan Howard as Ryan Howard. Larry Wilmore Mr. Brown as Mr. Ken Kwapis. Storyline Edit. When Michael imitates a Chris Rock comedy routine, many people in the office are offended, prompting corporate to send in a sensitivity worker to give the Scranton office a diversity training day.

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When Michael is dissatisfied with the training, he creates his own diversity course "Diversity Tomorrow". Meanwhile, Jim loses one of his big commissions for the year. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. This was NBC's first-ever online debut of a complete episode of a network series, and also included a trimmed-down webisode version of the episode for on-demand viewing on MySpace the following day.

Goofs When Michael rips up his ed pledge, Jim is chewing on a pencil. When the camera shows Jim again, he is chewing on a pen. User reviews 8 Review. Top review. S1 E2: Diversity Day. Diversity Day is one of the best episodes of The Office and is my favorite episode of Season 1. The writers quickly found the right tone of the show and began writing brilliant episodes starting with this one. Michael seems much more like-able here, and the other the office episode 2 all got their moment to shine when Michael held his own diversity seminar.

Diversity Day is the first great episode of a great show! Details Edit. Release date March 29, United States. United States. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 23min. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit. The Most Anticipated Movies of See the full list.

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