Thirsty for my guest walkthrough

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When you met Vicki all those years ago, you had great fun together.

She already had a young daughter, Jenna, who was a joy to be around. The relationship was doomed from the start and eventually things fell apart. You remained friends, despite everything that happened. Now, years later, you've agreed to let Jenna stay with you for 2 weeks. What could possibly go wrong? He helped on episode 3 as well. The writing is much better and just the overall quality of the game. We try to make the game more unique with fresh locations and a fun, sexy story.

We don't have a set schedule between updates, but we to aim to release episodes on a monthly basis. Sometimes it takes more and sometime less, everything depends on the amount of content for each update. View all posts.

Log in with itch. Ive enjoyed what Ive seen of ihe story so far, but I do hope we will find out what happened with Audrey at some point. I am loving the story so far but I'm not sure if I have come across a continuity error or weather it might have been too hard to Photoshop a scar on her back, in the story Vicky says she had had an operation on her back but as she is leaving on her last day she is leaving and her back looks completely fine and no s of any scars not even keyhole surgery I know this first hand because I live with a monster 6" in scar on my back from a spina bifida operation as a baby.

Or do I have to wait for season 2 to come out completely? Love the game btw! Season 1 contains episodes The episode 16 download contains episodes and presumably after some more episodes are released, they will eventually aglomerate to form season 2. Not sure why episode 15 is still up there. Perhaps that was throwing you off.

Maybe it's for the Christmas DLC, considering release dates? Hey does anybody know why I can't even install the game? I press to install it it downlo for a second before just asking me to install the game again. I really wanna play this but can't because of that :. No drama for now, maybe a bit, but nothing serious. I hope it stays that way. Definitely for breast lovers. Every bad choice le to a game over, literally, which I consider a plus. Like, it's obvious if you jump off a cliff you will die, no point in showing it.

What I don't know is if there is harem ending planned. Hard to say for now but you cannot pursue all love interests so there is a possibility but it's not certain. Thirsty for my Guest is being streamed live right now if you'd like to enjoy this game with other fans. Hey i have a question how do i import the saves? Nice game, im downloading the chapter 10 right now. Here from argentina. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser.

Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Thirsty for my Guest. More information. Download Now Name your own price.

Apr 02, Mar 28, Mar 19, Comments Log in with itch. Android version coming out? TFMG 51 days ago. Just download episode 17, it has episodes 13 to 17 inside of it. Try mejoress. Wait if it ends at 13 then where is episode TFMG days ago. Superb game! Lots of content, sexy and varied characters, high-quality animated scenes. It's Special Edition only. I'm kinda surprised there are so few comments but at least we have concrete information. For those wondering about some specific information about the game: seems to be a comedy romance type.

Also, every chapter contains all chapters as well. For now I'm looking forward to next episodes. TFMG 1 year ago. Is Episode 8 included in episode 9? It's all in one. You only need the latest and you get all the episodes. On our patreon channel we have ep9 only package and description how to install. Hope you enjoy it! WindowsmacOS. KeyboardMouse.

Thirsty for my guest walkthrough

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Thirsty For My Guest Walkthrough & Guide