Timestamps unconditional love

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We are Motkeyz games, a passionate team who has at heart to improve themselves at each updates and is attached to polish every details, to offer you the best experience as possible! We have completed chapter one Timestamps: Unconditional Love, an adult themed visual novel based on FullHD p render quality art and animations with point and click elements, and unique story.

With my years of experience in digital arts, combined with the technical expertise from Aesouh and his custom engine done in Unity called VNGINE, we're confident that we're doing something truly special to be enjoyed every update.

We are having fun creating this game for you to enjoy, and really hope you will like it as much as we enjoy making it.

Your contribution to this project will support us on the journey to realize our dream of making very high quality, funny and of course highly entertaining games for your pleasure. By becoming a patron, regardless of the amount it shows that you believe in what we do, and you want us to keep doing what we're doing. Without our regular supporters we wouldn't be where we are today, and we hope that you see our potential.

Also by supporting us you also get to be a part of a growing community on our discord and get access to patron-only content, take part in shaping parts of the game, see teasers before releases and talk to us directly!

Things are simple but awesome. Great right?

Well it's summer break and your genius best friend kinda threw everything you know out the window. He's been up to something crazy in his basement, and he's finally ready to let you in on the secret. A time machine About Us. Become a Patron! Featured Games.

Timestamps unconditional love

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