Trials in tainted space codex

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UndeadEve Active Member. Aug 22, James3 said:. Anyone else get annoyed at how the Codex will count things that are completely useless to most players or things that aren't even useful at all but won't count things like how long Azra's mushrooms have had to regrow or how long since you last visited Thare Plantation after winning the quest related to it?

Biostar Member. Aug 4, Aug 10, 4, 8, Biostar said:. Can you reup the imagepack version?

Seems to be broken. Reactions: Dragor and Aazkaal. James3 Active Member. Dec 12, UndeadEve said:. Since I don't really use the mushrooms and don't visit thare, i don't really get upset because of that. I only ever use the codex when the game make me use it like unlocking the use of an item or to see the relationship with someone like kiro for exemple. Edit : I think, the codex is mostly here for "general" things like, your body, planets you visited, items and races you met.

The mushroom and thare thing are more "specific".

Sort of a waste of data space with what it keeps track of instead, isn't it? At least the things I mentioned involve credits and save time with not going to check too early. LastPlayer Newbie. Jul 13, 15 New version is out. Reactions: Al3ks. LastPlayer said:. It may be a "waste of data space" like you said, but imagine if the codex didn't keep track of your body, people would have a lot of questions, most concerning s.

Of course, you can use the character screens to "see" your body, but for a more in-depth description, it's the codex. As for the things you mentioned, if the codex had to keep track of everything you do, every quest, every timer etc, there would be even more "waste of data space" The codex is already a pain to navigate as it is. Um, I was talking about Encounters and things like it, not things like Personal or Combat. Some of the Encounters related stuff is useful but a fair amount is pointless crap to most players and yeah, you could replace some of that with more useful things for the same amount of space.

Why can't they post another image pack! Shouldn't most of it be a simple matter of copy-pasting code?! Jun 5, Nnxx Newbie. Aug 4, 93 Reactions: hdgamerIcesoommanga and 3 others.

Nnxx said:. Darkarhon Active Member Donor. Jun 20, They will post links when they can guys, stop rushing them.

Honestly its up to them and i am really thankful for them posting links. Reactions: Krynredroajs1Broadnpatchy and 7 others. Necrosian Member. Jul 26, Darkarhon said:. Jun 6, Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Thank you, good lord. Also, Darkarhon said:. Also, I thought the way I phrased it would make it obvious it wasn't a serious request but oh well. Reactions: ihloo.

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Trials in tainted space codex

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