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Tavros Station is the initial location that Captain Steele may explore, and mainly features a of vendors. Tavros Station is a staging point, built on the very rim of the rush initiatives explored space.

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It effectively operates as the final "civilized base" prior to entering the current rush generations systems. To that end, it has become something of a market suited to the types of people that find themselves on the bleeding edge of rush exploration; vendors, manufacturers and researchers seeking to peddle their wares and skills in an environment filled with a great deal of credit-flush individuals. Tavros Station is constantly expanding as more content is added to the game. At present, the station is split into four decks, although more are likely to follow over time.

Once new ships are available, the Tavros Hangar will act as the hub that Steele may use to switch between whichever ships they own. Technicians working there include Zeke and Vahn. If Celise was chosen to be a part of the crew, she will also be present here after she is asked to leave. Currently, the Merchant Deck is where the majority of interaction takes place on Tavros Station.

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There are a of vendors available along with a bar that acts as a hub for a of characters that Steele may meet over the course of the game. The Residential Deck is where some of the inhabitants of Tavros Station live.

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Here, Steele can read notices on the NoticeBoard and visit other people in their apartment homes. This level is also known as the "Res Deck". It is mainly headed by the main headmistress, Briget. This floor is related to the Fools Rush In mission.

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In The Merchant Deck if you go to the red light zone,there will be an event, in it will be present mysterious figures, and then there will be two options, follow and ignore, choosing follow Steele will do automatic actions, but will not be able to catch the mysterious figure.

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Trials in tainted space vahn

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