Tumblr anal erotica

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Fostalove Hard Astern Thomas S. Roche In Training D. The stories collected here feature various types of anal play, but in every case, preparation is a key part, both mentally and physically. Many of these twenty-three stories play with the taboo nature of anal sex, its forbidden quality that even its biggest fans still fixate on. In these tales, men and women open themselves up, literally, to their lovers, sometimes for the first time.

All parties learn about the specific thrills that make playing with that area so pleasurable. Whether using fingers, tongues, toys like butt plugs vibrating and notanal be or anal dilators, these men and women appreciate the pleasures that can be found when they relax, let go and open themselves up. Oh god, yes; he was double-penetrating her with two toys.

This was what she lived for. He gently pushed the be inside her tightness, making her squirm, then slowly withdrew them until she cried from sheer delight.

They reverberated through her body, hitting the plug in her ass before echoing off it again, making her squirm in his lap. I hope you enjoy the journeys these characters take and find plenty in here to turn you on.

Tumblr anal erotica

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