Tumblr sissy comics

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I also admin a on Facebook called "Traps are fine too, r-right? A place to collect caption stories and make my own.

Most of these I take no ownership of. If you are the owner and want me to remove content let me know and I will. Feel free to inbox me with any question as well as feedback.

It is actually a little better for me to buy it through the Comic Store, but I also appreciate Renderotica, so feel free to buy it in either place. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive.

Unbetitelt Sorry, aber dein englisch ist sehr "aussprachig" Lass mich dir helfen. Hi, i'm a german boy. If you like this blog please let me know.

Eliza's Disposal Captions Warning: this blog is for dark fantasies. Enjoy at your own risk.

Please reblog to promote the dream of VWD! Traps Are Fine Too, R-right? Sissy's Desire A place about the things I like.

Yes that is me in the avatar pic. If your under 18 please leave. Tg Story caps A place to collect caption stories and make my own. Feel free to message me! Oh, and since I'm such a sissy slut, if you message me instructions Ill do them, and answer anything you ask.

If one of these pics makes you cum please tell me, kay? Tram Pararam. Hentai, trap, yuri, lingerie, etc CoMics-Hot henta-comics. Top Photos. Recently Liked. Consequences - now available in Comic Store. This means you can also use Paypal, Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase it, if you like.

Great tg transformation in this comic.

Tumblr sissy comics

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