Tumblr sissy maid

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I love feeling so on display while completing chores! A sissy should be pleasing to look at, as well as efficient and hard-working!

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Of course, after this, I was punished for allowing my sissy ribbons to touch the floor… I must remember to keep my arms in the correct position at all times to prevent my sissy ribbons from touching the floor! Secured sissies are happy sissies. The thrill of being locked in their feminized position of sissy servitude.

To be exposed to the world of who they truly are.

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I love this picture! One sissy maid kelly going shopping with Mistress! So ready and so afraid of what will happend! Love the uniform and petty! That's is so super tumblr sissy maid I need to get lots of petticoats too because that looks so cute! She made you wear her nylons, panties and bra, and she laughed at you as she captured it all on video.

She informed you that as you were now the maid, you would do whatever she told you to do, whenever she told you to do it. She explained that this was called forced feminisation. You hung your head, and she took this for total submission and overwhelming shame. But you were secretly trying to hide the look of glee, the beaming smile, and the huge bulge growing in your tights and panties from her. Forced, really? A great way to remove all those stubborn male independent thoughts. Posts Pictures of Sissy Parissa Archive. Honoured to be featured in this post!

Hi Tumblr!!!! Omg I love being a pathetic pansy diaper wearing sissy.

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Look at the shoes! The dream? Top Photos.

Tumblr sissy maid

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