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Hello there how is everyone? I am really interested in learning game developlment. I have had this ideas this visions if games I want to play that I hope some day I can realise. Iam still a total beginner with no backround at all even about which programming languages are going to be used. So from this point where should I start? As I assume Unity and Unreal Engine are the largest free platform to use in game development. So is one easier than the other?

Can I jump from one to the other easily?

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I am looking forward to you answers. Have a great day. From a professor that teaches game de; Unreal hands down provides the basics with so much that can be tuned for your needs easily, Unity is great but you'd have a lot to build up to get the basics of a game. I teach both unity and unreal and have seen more productive work in one month of Unreal than 4 months in unity from beginning students learning from the ground up.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I've found that if one is going to make a professional game and release it as a product, it will be absolutely necessary at some point to dig into the code and program or reprogram some things.

Probably much more than they anticipated. Blueprints is amazing, buts also a pretty big learning process, and it might be better to go ahead and spend that time learning an actual language. There's no doubt though that Unreal is overall a superior platform and developing experience. The question is whether someone has the skills and tools to finish their project.

Thank you for your answer.

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Did these students have prior programming experience? There are many guides online, I used a Udemy course to start with. Do a test yourself. Think of a part of the game you want to make inventory, UI, controller, collisions, etc. And then look for a YouTube tutorial walking you through. Try it for both.

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If you're a beginner you will be getting stuck every few minutes. Having lots of places too find the answers is valuable. I've used both professionally. It ultimately depends on the type of game you're trying to make, but you can largely achieve the same in both. My impression is that UE4 is a fantastic, extremely powerful engine, but quite intimidating to begin with due to the unreal vs unity reddit amount of options available to you.

Many of these options will not be relevant in the beginning and are more geared towards more experienced devs, or those working on AAA games with large teams. Blueprints are great for prototyping, but non-performant on anything that's not a PC. Unity does a better job at hiding much of the complexity until you need it.

It may lack some of the high-end power user features of UE4, but makes up for it with a cleaner, more accessible interface. If you really wanted visual scripting in Unity, you could buy one of many solutions off the store. The community in general also feels more unreal vs unity reddit. Speaking for myself, using UE4 on a day-to-day basis, if I were going to work on a side project I would generally do it in Unity because of its simplicity, flexibility, and that I prefer C as a language. I'd make an exception for multiplayer games, because UE4 has great out-of-the-box network prototyping capabilities.

In the end, just pick one and give it a go. For beginners I recommend Unity, but you can always switch if it doesn't work out. While this is true, the moment you want to move away from blueprints the amount of tutorials gets pretty sparse.

These two things plus the added emphasis on hyper realism e. That sounds more friendly I guess not having to deal with codes is a bless, for the time being at least. So are there any guides or lessons I can watch to jump right into it? Programmers tend to prefer Unity because C while artists tend to prefer Unreal because of blueprints and better art pipeline out of the box. I have a good background in programming. I know it's not that viable on the long run. Unity has the advantage of having just so much documentation and community around it. I don't really feel like either is easier or harder to learn in general though.

I want to make a first person story, I figured using anything other than Unreal would be silly as it is so suited to it. I don't have anything in particular in mind right now. I wanted to cover the technical stuff first, and from there deciding the best game I can make using the knowledge I have. Unreal Engine vs Unity for beginner. Posted by 2 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Continue this thread. This sounds useful. I might check it out. Unity has many more resources. Unity is way easier for a beginner. Unity hands down. It's no contest. Unreal engine is, in the end, more powerful. More posts from the gamedev community. All things related to game development, programming, math, art, music, business, and marketing.

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Unreal vs unity reddit

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Unreal Engine vs Unity for beginner