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I've prepared a major game development update for the months of August and September I will be revealing not one, not two, but three different games in detail. The reveals will consist of a series of in-game gif recordings, showcasing and commenting on the various maps and story elements of each game. People with access to the posts can also ask me questions about them in the comments which I'll be answering for you. I've taken this decision due to the fact that I've been too slow to post updates on the projects I'm working on.

I have been doing a lot behind the scenes, and vore rpg game precisely my work on stuff that kept me too busy to find the time to discuss what I've actually been doing. It's my obligation to offer those updates and now I'm going to be catching up by offering a mega-update on 3 of the main projects I've been spending my time on. Each game will feature vore as a central element and gameplay mechanic, with the player in the perspective of a human character exploring the world of anthros. A short overview of each individual game and its backstory:. The Apartment: This game was intended to be shorter, with less focus on the story and more focus on character interaction and development.

You play as a student who lives with their parents and sibling in a typical apartment building. Your next door neighbor is a weird female wolf, rumored to make humans and their families mysteriously disappear. Despite the warnings of your family, you get curious and decide to meet her for yourself.

Vore rpg game first she seems really nice, helping the player out by fixing their broken smartphone free of charge While the wolf's motives are unclear, what could possibly go wrong with meeting and befriending a big anthro vixen? Club Nova: A game who's primary goal is offering the player a world they can relate to and a character who's shoes they can put themselves in. You play as a young adult in their early 20's living with their father and step-mother.

Your father is an abusive alcoholic with violent tendencies, while his new wife lacks both intelligence and any empathy for anyone other than herself Your family decided that the three of you are moving to a new town, but the drive is long so they opted to stop in another town along the way. Your long childhood friend lives in that area, and his father arranged for the three of you to be given a room for your one week stay.

Only problem is that the town is shared by humans and anthros, the two races being at conflict for many years now. There should be no reason for you to cross the passage dividing the two zones Apparently a famous music star loved by many furs is going to be playing at the club; A giant red vixen who goes by the stage name Devora.

Will you stay behind and seek a future with your family or other acquaintances, or will you sneak into the club and try to discover her secrets? Haven City: My largest RPG project to date, this games focuses on its open world with free roam capabilities, emulating a similar style to the first Grand Theft Auto games in miniature. You are the son of a famous detective who's team is on a mission to investigate a mysterious city located on a remote island. The city was built by humans but taken over by anthromorphs during its early stages of development, now acting as a nation of its own.

Most of the humans who visit disappear without a trace, and mainland authorities have been desperately trying to figure out why; If proof of anthros killing the humans can be uncovered, the human army would have a reason to invade and take the city back. Since your relatively young age helps you blend in, you're sent on a dangerous mission by your father and his team: Establish yourself in the city, then try to befriend its ruler If all goes well you may uncover the secret of the Haven City disappearances This is it for now: I'll be talking more about each game in my posts which are starting next week.

I rely exclusively on your support to continue working on those projects, and your contribution ensures that these and other games will in fact be finalized. Consider chipping in this month to gain access to the vore rpg game and more! No yet? In. Revealing 3 furry vore RPG games by Mircea.

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Vore rpg game

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